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now health and fitness influenza Juanita Kamala is on a mission to help get you in shape this winter after years of suffering from chronic depression and anxiety exercise became her drug of choice he joins me now in studio to discuss the benefits of keeping your body active Juanita good to see you hello well I'm fantastic and thank you for having me good we let's stop first about your the fact that you were grappling with chronic depression and the anxiety and then you turned to fitness and training why predominantly because I was not in the position to for therapy you know how therapy is expensive it's not a luxury which is available to everyone and for me fitness made the easiest was an expression mixed natural choice and you decided by one step every so morning doing thirty minutes of training and if I realized that hey actually feel quite a lot better I mean it helps to relieve stress release tension us all that you know what I'm on to something here and then from there on everything was history okay at the beginning what sort of training we doing you know why don't start – I just ran and the important thing about training is that you don't necessarily have to be in a gym to train take a walk take around 30 minutes around the block that's all you really need and then from there on that's when I sort of actually joining up with a friend because we decided that you know what we want to take this step further so she was more contemplative buddy something which I encourage everyone to actually get an accountability buddy is someone that hold your accountable for days when you feel like slacking off their help you to be there to like hey come on let's keep going and that's when we started to take our training more intensely unless you got to very lazy guys you need to have someone sit just as badly as you do but understanding that it's a push and pull thing some days you'll feel sluggish the other day he will be but it's what remembering more you guys are doing it together so it's easier you know that when you have someone waiting for you in the gym to wake up and go meet them halfway okay now you run boot camps and you got another boot camp coming up on the first of June talk to us about your boot camps so host boot comes regularly of course and it's something which started with me deciding that you know what I want make exercise fun and not just fun but a lot of times on weekends it's not many fun things to do during the daytime and I realize that you know what it's an opportunity if women to come together in a Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon and train together meet socialize network and also have fun while doing it and fundamentally that's where the concept initiates it from and the one the first it's actually exercising for a Cause because of understand the mental mental illness history and how South Africa right now is a third of South Africans actually mentally will have got mental illness and a lot of them got undiagnosed I decided to dedicate the 90 minutes of exercise to mental health where the you suffer from it or whether you know some that are suffering from it but understand it's such a big cause and we need to disturb more ties but it's the quote attached to it and for me I was like you know what try not to dedicate as it's been a big part of my life it's brought me to this point and fitness and hearth is saving so many people around the world if you cannot afford therapy they there and I've also partnered with sanic the South African depression anxiety group as well so they'll be there to just give a five minute talk to talk about the importance but give a couple of leaflets and just encourage people to actually just pick up okay but one ETA is not all about fitness and training is that when it comes to you know health and wellness a lot of us got to do with the dietary issues this is not I mean a huge part of it has to do with the diet issues actually there's a role that says 80% diet between the percent fitness and that is fundamentally true because he people tend to think that you know just because I'm exercising but if you're not putting the right food into your body like of course it's not gonna be healthy you know exercise doesn't keep you healthy yes it does but it's a food that you put in your body that actually keeps your organs healthy so for me always emphasize and talk about the nutritional aspect of it and I said for me 80 percent try and be healthy 20 percent enjoying the luxuries I mean last too short to be eating broccoli sick every single day but now that eating healthy until 2 that you know some people are very very misinformed some people think that cause they're completely bad but they don't know that not all carbs are created equal and they're not all the same and they're I hope this the Perseus course it's about education and learning that you actually can't eat healthy and still have everything that you want to eat rapping as a moderation how you eat and when you eat is also very important as well as okay Juanita I want to ask you to do something for us give us a couple of examples of what what happens in your boot camps what's your favorite types of exercise are I'm gonna stand up don't please stand up with me okay okay give us a couple of examples of what what would happen like at your boot camps and what your favorite type of exercises if you may are you gonna join me so usually the first part of the actual boot camp consists of a warm-up so the warm-up usually something very light about two to three minutes and we do a coupla jumping jacks which are the usual of course a little bit of running and then kickbacks and then last about two to three minutes of that of course we're moving to the main part of the boot camp and for this one I have a very very key and seasoned professional personal trainer from virgin act so that nobody leaves the session so it's a very hidden ten session it actually gets you sweating in a very short space of time and then usually they're also I lead up with the core session in a glute session so just to give you a couple examples of the coracoid exercises I normally do one of the first one that I normally do is a Russian twist where you normally put your hand over here and go around that really just helps to target your obliques because a lot of women actually complain about that quite a lot and then the second one it seems very easy but once it down they ain't doing it for a minute and of course there's your pancake so you normally do the normal tank of course and you need to make sure that with this one you are not arching it back all the way up or going all the way down you all like this and you do this one minute and they're off till you swap and you do the side plank and you do this for 30 seconds again and then you swap back I need to do the other side so when it comes to glutes just two exercises for glutes but the easiest one to do this one we actually take a leg up and you saw that your glutes activated and your core is activated as well and just push it up for 10 seconds so you'll start to feel the actual muscle pull around your glutes area but those are just some of the fear I just pulled a muscle that's what you what happens at your boot camps you've got trained experts coming through as well to help with people the lovely part of it as well as if your phone is finished up with a yoga session yeah so the yoga session is to make sure that you're breathing in breathing out stretching relaxing and really just taking it all in fantastic stuff oh I need to come on thank you so much exercise guru and influence as well


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