With heart attacks, saved time saves lives | Ohio State Medical Center

When a heart attack occurs essentially what
happens is your heart’s a pump and on the outside of that pump sit three blood vessels.
When heart attacks occur, a certain kind of heart attack, one of those blood vessels goes
from completely open to completely shut in twenty minutes or less sometimes. And when
that blood vessel’s completely shut and there’s no blood getting to that heart pump or that
heart muscle, that heart muscle dies. And when that heart muscle dies, people can die
with it because the electrical system has problems and it can cause sudden death. So
time is critical and getting people to the hospital and getting people to the cath lab
with those types of heart attack in a timely fashion is really critical. One of the things
we do at the Ross Heart Hospital is we we’ve been a leader in the care of heart attack
for the last decade really. And one of the things that we do that’s unique that some
hospitals do but not all, is that when a patient gets a diagnosis of a heart attack out in
their home, EMS or the Emergency Medical Services make the diagnosis in their home, they’ll
send us the EKG remotely right to our phones and those patients are brought directly to
the cath lab, they don’t stop in the emergency room. And the reason for that is is because
we know that when there’s delays people don’t survive as much as if we get them taken care
of quickly so we bypass the emergency room we go right to cath lab and we fix the blood
vessel. That’s why you see the helicopters flying and landing on the medical center roof
and that’s why you see us come into the hospital at all times of day to fix people because
we know the quicker we get the blood vessel open the better they’ll do.

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