Wolverine’s Berserker Rage / Forest Fight | Logan (2017) Movie Clip

Go! Go! Move faster! We need to reach them
before they get to the border. Run! Run! Corre, Jonah! Run! I want you to breathe. It’s just a flesh wound, baby. There she is. We got her. Back it up! Contain her. Get behind me! You took all the medicine. It’s wearing off.


  1. Like father like daughter, you can see the same fighting styles between the two 😭😭😭😭

  2. When I heard 0:50 in theaters I got the biggest chill and started leaning forward in my seat. Favorite scene of the entire movie.

  3. If they had left Logan at like his prime years.

    X-24:stabs prime Logan’s body.

    Prime Logan:*does classical berserker yell and defeats X-24*

  4. you hear that scream and go theres my boy but then you notice the boy gets tired and you go damn rip my boy

  5. There better be a movie in the future where laura is a mom of a mutant like her and Logan and her child has the toe claw feature and the hand claws and Laura has to raise the child from other people like in LOGAN

  6. MCU: i can bring X-Men again

    Hugh Jackman: but you can’t replace me as a Wolverine.

    Thank you Hugh Jackman, you are born for this role❤️

  7. I was sad in the first place when Jackmans said it will be his last movie as Wolverine. Now i say, it should be the last X-Men movie at all ! Fuck apocalypse, and dark phénix. This movie wil be a "classic" in 20 or 30 years. Who what to bet for that ? 😉

  8. I like that little girl that just beats up a few grown up men with guns at the same time. I know she’s a mutant but thats just impressive

  9. One thing I really would have liked for them to include in this scene, is a brief intense shot of Logan bursting his claws from his fists. Like a direct frontal shot as he's sprinting, referencing the classic comic artwork. I'm a little bummed that it went from the sprinting shot, to him with claws already out, and partially obscured by trees. But hey, it's still an excellent film.

  10. Me: hey babe you wanna watch a movie together
    Girlfriend: watch a movie I have better plans
    Me: like what what else is better than watching a movie
    Crush: well my parents get home in 30 minutes and we'll do you want to make out
    Me: 0:54

  11. The medicine gave his healing factor that extra "Oomph" It needed…too bad it started wearing off Also fuck his clone :'(

  12. Seeing the Mutants massacre these assholes was glorious and so satisfying, not a single shred of remorse was given to them. and that's the way it should be.

  13. I like how he says “get behind me” even though he knows she has a healing factor he doesn’t want her to experience the pain

  14. 2:15 easily my fave technique Logan does through out this entire fight scene, blends his beastly strength with his extraordinary fighting skills, pure perfection

  15. Remember when Black Panther and Captain America were pinned by the alien army in Infinity war and just right before they were killed, Thor comes in and save them?

    Now imagine that scene but instead of Thor, WOLVERINE comes out of nowhere and does exactly what he did here

    Ik Thor arriving is probably better but DAMN i would pay SO MUCH to see that happen

  16. At around 0:49, it sounds like Laura is about to do her own scream, only for it to be cut out by Logan’s. If I’m right about that, that just makes this scene so much more badass, because, in my mind, it goes to show you that no one can top a good ol’ Wolverine rage.

  17. I love how they yell "Wolverine!" At 1:00 . And immediatly try to fight him. The intensity on their voice as they realized they who they gotta deal with.

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