Woman Addicted To Drugs Faces Daughters And Sister Who Say They Will Cut Her Off If She Doesn’t G…

Cammi hasn't seen her daughter Stephanie or her sister Teresa in over a year if you haven't actually laid eyes on her in over a year right until then cami come on out you ever seen your sister in over a year your daughter and over a year you have seen Danny you've not been listening to what we've been talking about we've been talking about you but we've been talking about them really more than you how do you feel about being here today emotional tired I know I hurt my babies and I've been filleted open for the whole world to see and I feel like everybody has knows my business and I've been trying to keep some things private but I can't seem to do that you say filleted open do you mean being arrested 12 times and having headlines in the newspaper about what you've been doing every everybody yeah yeah and whose fault is that so you made the choices and you've reaped the benefits I mean these are your mug shots well times yeah you said that on the streets you're kind of known as the mother on the streets you say that with some pride well I love being a mother's best I've ever had why'd you stop you know she's talking about being the mother to the other drug addicts on the street you're seen as the mother figure right I mean people look at me as a caretaker and I'm just always been that way and so people I guess I'm approachable they see that and they want to be cared for for these other homeless and drug addicts right not for your own children because you've abandoned their I mean you chose drugs over your children right yes when you mother these people on the street and you know they kind of see you as a caretaker that'll give them advice or tell them what to do do you share with them for example that it left my daughter instead of taking her by her prom dress I went off with a 17 year old boy and hallucinatin did shrooms for three days that's what kind of mother I was I would be came that kind of mother I'm not proud of it no I'm ashamed of it is it painful to you very but not painful enough to motivate you to change that's I'm sorry I don't think that's true well based on results is true based on results is not gonna pay for another to make you change everything was taken from me so you're the victim here no I'm not I know what I did and I'm ashamed of it I'm struggled for years I can't forgive myself and I'm sorry I never never wonder baby you said everything was taken from you you mean your family and all it was the one thing I never wanted with my baby anybody and I was the one that did it well did you think about that when you were married and having an affair with a 17 year old I wasn't married for 21 years and around an affair on him has helped that moment and was because I tried a drug and it made me feel different it changed who I was

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