hey guys so there's a lot of people on this planet with a lot of different things they like babies they gotta wear diapers there are adults out there that like wearing diapers there are babies out there that have to wear diapers but this is ridiculous this is unacceptable if you guys like diapers oh well do I have a woman for you today she enjoys chewing on dirty diapers inseparables say no more my name is Keisha and I'm expecting my first child and I love the sniffing and chewing dirty diapers y'all heard it from her man she got some white ass teeth for being addicted to chewing dirty diapers girl what's your secret I love the sniffing and chewing dirty matrix I'm AI sniffing shoe dirty diapers all day for gaming a smile like that but wait and I'm expecting my first child she's expecting her first child it's not even her kids diapers where's she getting these dirty diapers from the plot thickens ffp inning they have to have PMA my girl right here looking like she just went to Taco Bell she got him in a bag and everything like wow this is my afternoon snack right here I like my diaper burritos a little extra pee the heavier ones I have more P small better yeah oh I absolutely cannot stand the smell of pee she's just shoving her nose in it like oh yes you know how you put soap in your drawer with your clothes to make your clothes smell good she does the shit with diapers their diapers in her dresser with her clothes who needs Febreeze who need Chanel number five long as I got that uh doe urine mmm fabulous hmm I'm soft I love it it just tastes amazing tastes amazing over here we have a woman in her natural habitat chewing on a dirty diaper who a child that is not even hers it's not even her kid she pregnant she nothing baby gonna be born addicted to the smell and taste of urine y'all know her kid never getting potty-trained she gonna keep that kid in diapers the rest of their life to feed her disgusting addiction I have one mom cooking in the kitchen I have one of my drawers I have one I was sleeping I keep something my trunk I keep something in my pocket but it's not even like mmm smells delightful it's like oh yes that's that good shit Jesus woman she married – she's actually married you come home you see your wife sniffing and chewing dirty diapers what'd you do hold on okay continue I find a lot of diapers like all over the place here's the husband's he look like he died in from her bullshit there's a diaper he didn't say what he thinks about it he literally just picked up a diaper like here's the diaper I find them all over the place she wanna shove her face into a diaper she could do what she wants she a grown woman I love it good tastes amazing I think that would be a deal-breaker for me I don't think I'd be able to deal with that I think this is probably the worst addiction I have done on this channel so Keisha is most of her diapers from her friends Kim's twins so our friend had babies and she gives her the dirty diapers uh okay so I wonder what she does with them does she ever throw them away or she just like it seems like to me she just leaves them around the house and she keeps smelling them like the scent lingers I can't imagine what that house smells like uh you kissed your husband with that mouth so she will drop by uninvited at any time of the day or night to get her fix this girl over him was she done with diapers would she need a midnight snack it's very annoying because she doesn't care what time it is she'll wake my baby up to take the diaper that's on the baby bitch what let me dig through your trash walk what let me get that good shit that fresh beans shall wake my baby up to take the diaper that's on the baby the baby is wearing the diaper and she be like take it give it to me somehow I feel like this is the only reason that she is having a child of her own to take her addiction to the next level Hey Gannicus the baby is coming from me I want to take this one off of her here we're gonna cry we're gonna take this one off yeah this this is ready to go yeah good to go dinner's ready no one had turkey is cooking in the oven and you smell it and you like oh it's just ready she's definitely ready time to eat yikes I can't even begin to imagine how nasty her breath smells this is getting like out of him her friend was like nah the baby's tired and she proceeds to dig in the trash and take whatever she got in there and then she go walk out like by my diction to diapers started about three years ago one of my friends was changing her baby and she gave me the diaper to throw out and I kept it for like a week and I smelt it like every morning right seriously who does this somebody gives you a dirty diaper I don't know why why did she decide to hold on to it but she kept the dirty diaper and just started smelling it girl no no since the first dirty diaper Keisha has collected over 25,000 dirty diapers to feed her addiction how I bet she make him friends with anybody with a baby I bet she'd go to public bathrooms and like take him out of the trash guys to get 25,000 absolutely disgusting that is a lifetime supply for six babies ridiculous she's even willing to dig in the garbage for her diapers see what I told you I bet you this nasty she's going to like public bathrooms when she can't get her fix and dig it through the trash to get anybody's dirty diaper like she don't care her boyfriend is trying to throw them out she got him all over the house I don't know how he's gonna put up with this imagine your house got dirty diapers all over it except she's sniffing and chewing on them and he gonna kiss her how you go kiss her I'm gonna smell them just one last time and then you can have them I don't wanna have them he doesn't want to keep them he wants to throw them out you act like he's taking them from you like he likes smellin that bowl please I like dirty diapers that's what I want that's what I need to have we get it I want to know why why does she like them I know it's soft the smell the pee the smell of pee she likes it okay actually it's not okay I will never understand the diapers they decay after his hurt in time it'll starts like mold a little bit oh there's flies all of a sudden yeah she got them all over the house first of all it stinks second of all there's flies everywhere there's mold and half of these diapers how can they live like this I'm addicted to chewing on dirty diapers the fact that oh no she went into a coffee shop just casually pulls out a dirty diaper from her bag and start sniffing it while she looks at the menu guys this is it 2018 this is the future smelling it and then chewing it some people don't have a stomach to see anything nasty so they decide oh this is disgusting she's just gonna casually sit in the restaurant with her yoohoo and sniff that diaper and she want it no shit people are gonna look at you and be like doesn't it it's a diaper it's a baby's diaper it ain't even your baby's diaper it's not random ass kids those people could probably smell it I need it I need it her friends are worried her addiction has gone too far they plan to confront her at her baby shower why can't y'all do it now like you're having a baby this is getting out of control you need to stop I really hope it's a shirt that says you need to stop – those are cloth diapers I feel like you need to help you move forward with your addictions cloth diapers y'all know what I like y'all gonna just gave me dirty diapers why didn't y'all give me dirty diapers I've never seen someone looked so damn disappointed on a gift you have diapers in your possible would you maybe I do this is my travel one I just travel with just cute and everything but she needed diapers for it makes me mad women to lose your fiance because you sniff diapers Maggie ain't never gonna leave me everybody keeps saying it's an issue it's not mission to me ah you know what they say if it's not hurting anyone it's just disgusting I mean her friends didn't work her husband didn't work so they taking her to get therapy now you have the dad actually had one so let me see so you sniffing in you ah so that's why your teeth are so white and there's no teeth involved only a nibble well how do you feel now that you're about to give birth and have your own supply oh great I can't wait ha ha ha bitch look like she's in a damn sandwich anyways that's all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave a like if you think she is insane the heavier ones I have more P small better if you can understand that comment below I mean I really want you guys let me know what you think about this can you justify it do you think it's crazy I don't get it and it's making me mad but yeah make sure you thought like button up and subscribe doing the wolfpack oh I love you guys so much thanks watching bye guys



  2. No one doesn’t like to be friends with her because her stank breath and no one wants to be her friend because she eats freaking dirty diapers

  3. 9:46
    Nasty gorl: Everybody is saying it's a problem. It's not a problem to me
    Me: That's what every crazy addicted person says 🙄😒

  4. Discusting who does this?

    I guess she! 🤯🤮🤮 does like if you would NOT do this oh and whyyyyyyy anyway I'm pretty sure you will get very sick🤧🤧🤧🤧🤒🤒🤒🤮

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