Women & Children’s Services at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center

(uplifting music) – We have a beautifully,
updated maternity center. – It’s been a huge upgrade, and the labor and delivery
as well as the NICU and postpartum, we’ve made lots of changes. Since I’ve been here and since the upgrade and even prior to that, I have not had patients
have to share a room with another patient. – We love to keep families together. Our purpose is to set a
family up for success. We do have a very updated unit. We have sleeping chairs and sofas for supporting people to stay. And so we have an atmosphere
here that’s gonna support family centered care. It is so important to
be able to take care of every need of a mom and a baby. Whatever they planned for the delivery, that’s our goal to provide it for them. And so whether it is a low technology birth, where they don’t want
a lot of intervention, we want to be able to provide that. Sometimes they may be a high risk mom and they come in and deliver prematurely. And we have a 12 bed
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that’s staffed with very qualified nurses. And we have Neonatologists here to serve every need of the baby. – [David] The Level 3 NICU is a huge asset to Los Robles, especially
for Labor and Delivery because we rarely have
to transfer babies out. We actually receive a lot
of babies from outside surrounding facilities
that get transferred to us for a higher level of care. So patients and their
families should understand that they’ll be very
well taken care of here. And if problems do arise,
they’re in good hands. – [Melodee] We have a
full gamut of classes that will take care of a mom
for child birth education, new born care, breast feeding classes, anything that a mom needs to
prepare her for successful labor and delivery. – [David] The nursing staff at Los Robles is highly experienced. They’ve been here as
long as I’ve been here. Most of them for a lot longer. – We also make sure
that they’re up to date with the very latest techniques. So we want to make sure
that we’re providing the best, high quality
experience for our patients. – The reputation that Los Robles has, the Level 3 NICU, the nursing staff, and the ancillary services
that are provided here, it’s a wonderful place to have a baby. (upbeat music)

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