Women & Children’s Services at Medical City Lewisville

(happy tinkling music) – At Medical City
Lewisville, we truly believe in our campaign of we deliver dreams by providing an exceptional
experience for our families who deliver their babies here. And some of the things
that we offer our families, we have very large labor rooms, our LDR. They labor, deliver,
recover in the same room. In labor and delivery, I also have two Cesarean delivery suites, if those are needed. On our postpartum floor,
our mom/baby unit, we do believe in couplet care, so moms are not separated
from their babies. They have one nurse that
provides care to them as well as their babies. Some of our little extras that we offer, we do have VIP suites that provide just a little bit
additional level of luxury. Although, our regular mom/baby rooms, they’re very well-equipped, very nice amenities afforded in there. In our NICU, I’m really
proud that in our NICU, we have a way to keep our
parents and other family members in contact with their babies. Even when they can’t physically
be beside their baby, we have a secure webcam
component that allows parents to be able to log in to a system and be able to watch their baby. We’ve had great success
with this for grandparents who are out-of-state. And they can see their
brand new grandbaby, even though the baby is in the NICU. So they can watch and see what’s going on with the little one.

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