Women in Medicine: Army

Brigadier General Sheila Baxter a leader and devoted soldier has the awesome responsibility of commanding army medical operations for a large portion of the Northwest United States but she refuses so credit for the work the only is a team sport and I look at me myself being a part of this great team and that's what we do no matter where you are it's a common goal we have a mission and we execute for general Baxter that mission includes overseeing daily operations at Madigan Army Medical Center at Fort Lewis Washington and ensuring care for more than 300,000 beneficiaries in six surrounding states I think we have a suspense of like a week so you got a lot of time to work on it Herr Hubble and team oriented approach to leadership likely stems from being raised by a family claiming members in all three branches of the Armed Forces military service is in her blood and she chooses to lead by example I had a cousin who was stationed at Fort Bragg and I went to visit him one summer and the light bulb came on I saw the army as an opportunity to use my skills from college to affect the lives of others since then general Baxter has risen through the ranks and taking numerous command positions in the military health system she is in fact the first female general to serve in the Army Medical Corps and she considers her service including past tours in Korea Germany Saudi Arabia and Iraq a blessing I only have three words I am grateful general Baxter loves the army from her staff to injured soldiers who've come back home to the veterans who come in for regular check-ups general Baxter treats everyone with dignity and respect because she says that's what they all deserve her work is her ministry I have been extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to serve soldiers for 30 years that's a long time I would do 40 years or 50 I mean this is let me tell you this is it doesn't get any better than this I'm telling you just to serve soldiers and to lead a Regional Medical Command it stop it doesn't compare with any CEO in in the nation cool

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