Women’s Services at Medical City Plano

(uplifting piano music) – [Narrator] Looking for a
world class nursing opportunity to provide high level care
to women of every age? – I really enjoy helping
new parents be new parents. I’ve been here for 13 years and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. – I initially came here as a travel nurse and fell in love with the place. – [Narrator] In the
thriving, growing community of Plano, Texas, we offer a world class level three neonatal intensive care unit. – Taking care of NICU babies
is definitely a challenge. I’m very motivated. I’m very grateful to be
able to take care of them. – Plano is not ordinary,
it’s extraordinary. It’s a Magnet hospital. The nurses have a voice. The wonderful staffing,
that’s what keeps me here. – [Narrator] Medical City Plano features a full spectrum
of women’s services, including labor and delivery,
mammography, infertility, and a state of the art, level three neonatal intensive care unit. – We listen to each other, we respect each other as a team, and we work together to
provide that optimum care to our patients, moms, and families so that they’re set on
their journey for life. – We bring progressive advancements in clinical innovations
to everyone we serve. This is a rare opportunity to
learn and grow with the best. – Our nursing model is one of the best and our patients and staff love us. – [Narrator] As a Magnet
designated facility we offer advanced
mammograms, respiratory care, and our pediatric surgeons
specializing in neonatal surgery can perform procedures at the bedside. – Our staff is committed
to excellence always and when you look at our culture, we have some of the
most experienced nurses in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We love our nurses and their experience that they bring to our patients. We do about 3,000 deliveries a year. Many of those are high risk and really the reason that we’re known for high risk deliveries is
because of our nursing care. – We value the voice of the
nurse in everything we do. It’s part of our DNA. – I was comforted in the fact that our doctors are
really easy to talk to and they want to hear our
voices and they support us. – It’s like a big family. We work together, everybody
cares about each other. It is the perfect place to work. – Come work with me. – Come work with me. – Come work with me. – [Nurse] Come work with us.

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