Words at War: Eighty-Three Days: The Survival Of Seaman Izzi / Paris Underground / Shortcut to Tokyo

the mad words that war presents eighty three days the story of cement using is the flight jesters it’s my last name somewheres in the media what your pre-strike your mother didn’t like children may be going out to use easy layout black which you guys is that maybe you would be you and me seem a second-class marine merit gone
through a dutch merchant ship along we are out there eighty three days we was torpedoed about four thirty in the optimal mobile
number second nineteen forty two a fast dutch cargo ship was torpedoman’s
song a few hundred miles off the most of south america only a few of the four hundred men on
the ship survived and one of them basil dominic users seaman second class
of the united states navy was found on a raft in middle should
nearly three months after the sinking and the national broadcasting company in cooperation with the council on books
in wartime brings you the incredible saga of shit and as we understand plan words at war presents eighty three days
five mark murphy was to appear or nothin much not much we could do he was off watch what happened million jelly he was my body and jensen couple of
others with this plane poker job on polk jensen oddly close to a million bucks
for how much a million bucks you know i mean don’t
forget it fracture view army fort mon to you this where the spots or shuffled but take it easy i’m delivering you do
you like my own way propagator pot lvl i forgot if we’ve got but three thousand miles we have to tell
you everytime dedhia that’s hard won a million bucks helped only cuts picked dallas one outlet potluck we got
torpedoed lowered jets annoying museum and then down part of it at city college a torpedo because
catching fish fish is a torpedo c mean johnny had the deck ronan check-in
at argon stations there was no use by the time we got there this ship was so far down by the
head we couldn’t get elevational a gun so we took our shoes off one over the
side portsip do expressed a great and delight date pay the date tho the restrain on where not really a raft of some bamboo sticks last year could hardly see johnnie persons running
some private we finally got together are right wasn’t big enough to climb up on so we just hung on watch the ship down here it goes all my clothes on hamlet analysis one hundred box so much for student
loans too like boris kragelj pollution went
down just to work we watched twilight as many men as a parent was more upset instructor washing adoptive sales
shutoff meeting instead of water they were sorry about it to our ideas itself way looked when they went by and waved at us when they were way past one driving down yelled back yet wbc gridlock sir it’ll look weaker than the president
will coincide after a while dark that was real tough real bad runs an indictment restaurants would you yell and sometimes crime i heard him and crime like it was a baby after awhile he stopped ground i guess recognition on the i was glad we stop crying like concert that night wave in the water section on the raft whose that night perot morning week gotta kinda laugh o although i have the
skies said he was an incident talks became written by and i had to cover my
like it was a horse they had a long bamboo portland made out like he was one of them nights you know i i’m not cognate calculation are still around the sense
of woodpeckers collapsed abbott and water and then they go away for a while i came back again isn’t walks with
soccer began with the polling on timing kept our writing this hatch cover like
it was of course accountable after while until the sun came up was tough and i but when the sun came up you can get away from it could turn your back to what ben would
reflect off the water like from america what step in your eyes it was going to
carry on the back you had all day long was like that just hanging on a person and does not
once in awhile when we come up with the edge of the ref
company a belly masson making scrambled eggs or your
brain nobody said much decade nobody party just hung on q team waited for the sun
to put down after that things got worse everybody started seeing things off the
head feed me stars were peak cokes group but the white sonic ship made week
weeknights and ship for sure they were ships all around us personal smoke and those to be calm water not far off christ scored offer cigarette chronicle the rat pack starts going away crowded apprx iraq on top for small not a problem to try to come up to
market treatment cares once a great jao it brought me back to the raft half-a-dozen times i kept seeing things swa mom on that was like that sickening stopped sink because monitored predicted uh… gents snoop right particularly inside of the brain jackson personnel on the other side of
the custom german spies were placed in a with a pretty nice guys except show up
at the nice guys in the pre-oscar honors just compete more fixed up right back text comeback comic calibrator compact you eloped it caddy baghdad record bernard books suggest someone off look but don’t over others satellite market they swam off looking for a hatch cover underneath the supposed to be a case of
beer castle ridge he thought he lost a book i gotta get
back to my father catapult former cabinet secretaries i
gotta get back to my father if there was no need to look after wildcats which program sandwich no more talk about books we may it became only the incentive was like the day before only nobody had
any been swept by then acceptance and walks he was still riding the hatch cover like
what’s up four six seven eight sharks are employees had we was getting kind of dot the program no sleep goes off a little expert woodwind and starts looking sideways and all the
sony kept himself on main street map quicken connection citadel and start certain of the water explorer
opt homes like that all morning edge ob but i saw the rack the big raft the one we were hanging on it was just
bamboo would hardly quote purpose other one stock a part of the water a couple
of fate was about ten feet long i told joby about i said we ought to go
over there and get on it coming come on to park come on board go ahead you’re what i got cut yourself
if you want it’s not going to talk a lot started off by myself was a long way off papa k your swim tort after a while dot so i couldn’t make it
the way i was going and i swim because in front of a to get the current work
breakdown and i couldn’t swim anymore display their water electric electric big dog cramps alike usually dissolution the graph come my way talking to a eclipse him this way sir storm to the left limwk copyscape won’t let texaco extract that’s the point leftover more finally optimum i climbed up on for the first time in forty eight hours
really helps out of the water uh… were four of the guys in the big red followers that they were spent time
hadn’t been wrapped over to where it champion vincent books were but wouldn’t wouldn’t go or funny or so worked out all i could do
was just lay there videos i couldn’t see johnnie really got to
know what i just knew where they were on the conference in box i could see him still riding the hatch cover articles of
course when he was a night every once in awhile it started with a
sweet i’d wake up and start open water with scorpion after a long time and seeming must khana suite not walk up and later regret uh… where author like i told you there were
four other guys at the craft one i knew and some addicts he was my gunnery officer of courtship then the worst beastly american sailor
and case pender swa he was a dutchman kor unexpectedly sports guy was a seventeen year old
dutch kid named who going down nicole who came down well you can’t go wrong comic tiny core
hooted down so we discovered june he was from holland me was crazy but america bedtime story all day long mathematics complex stories elected eric holder of the from five
times already but to wait for i’ve been talking about the three-part academy upendra profit i’d like you you’re going to candy celebrated their case it is part and he
said ripe for a trip to marked the first
month went by iraq’s uh… these punitive running out of wooden water it was ten gallons of water and it
became a chocolate and we started and we’re actually dot until it was
almost all gone mornings go fast every afternoon was working here waiting for night to come so if you get
out of a piece of chocolate everyday maddox coaching your kid still prepare of proper credit attested foreigner are nine believe park
alum medicine card so order there’s a lot carito popular i don’t know i wish you wouldn’t ask me every time
you tell that story it’s about from you you’re finished just going on on the
hall i’m not going to tell you i love that uh… story beasley was the first after we ran out of computer to catch a
little minnows became alongside the raft we get involved phones and all only decent complete grounds sorry study get weaker you could tell got so we couldn’t here okay here occidental nothing there anyway so what’s the
difference airfare thanks for your lips moving all right we welcome that would you say after that started going blind the cup worse and worse we’ve come up to him holed up four
fingers in front of them and say public figures can cbc like you say how many fingers conceit easily that right i’m holding up forefinger seat can you see them now situ december third was my birthday the day before it all the other guys
buck how i’d never been away from home before
my birthday here i am out in a raft new york ch level under this then the art group reserve river then
you can and the telegram or maybe even column on the phone ul daisy are we gonna be picked up one day my brithday smart never forget it takes only and call com or whether operation com overcome because of store on the boat rescued this tomorrow wrote elicits kolkata but uh… you make your
case she moved if we it kicked up to do the canadian tomorrow it should look
good for you euclid kate india the next day was my birthday always went fine still talk about my
birthday kept on going the grain the hardest on my birthday
fitted ever did before the criteria who live eleven fyi you’d be picked up to about one invitation scoop yesterday it was you
with the immediately yuki this to say that afternoon the late so far supported
a few feet not cry head out for a few small account for my
eyes society you will for sure fifty come
five succeeds post twenty years old christians scaned we’re up fifty three days and christmas
mood but i’m ralph reed part of it movie himself and i could put my fingers all
the way around my own easily with the worst like a cigarette alice please just lay there and talked himself for
before we didn’t even know used on you case manage swathi oldest dutchman kept
singing some kind of great story nico ticketing slept most the time climatic set on the edge of the raft
turning his head responsible go from one side of the other watching arrives was
so wildly in his hands against the edge of the rafters and after a while he said quickly saying
it political pasty some kind of dots on
delighted straddling that’s under the words of might not be so bad
but not going to work that i would not doctors or out withstood i said shut-up action who view called u articles mary mary players below happened earlier uh… uh… is uh… you know what i do about it short i’d walked down the street michael one
of the first five and ten cents or i can’t uh… i get me some pics grants at
selective appears juices weeks with the little cookies they get ground-up
eggs inside and five intent they’re always frank and i read a thick
square he like to know the kind of cut off the beach and then
he proceeded grown-up makes inside at the atlantic note lafayette indiana which column but no not where i come from where i come from
a carbon makes square lapping at the column written a book uh… mildly hero answers mimi on the sixty-six morning we woke up and if so let’s pick up these rewards all night long b c the moon in the
morning we look and see how he was he was dead whose hands were up in front of my key
was grabbing for something iced-t_ fictional we knew he was dead but we kind of washington for a couple of
hours hoped we would move then we were sure that statement
accomplished on the reason ready to bring whatever stripper about your career good catholic of six m micah and partly sorry packing up and
unit installments in except that the loss painted now all because they have to be my
cholesterol couldn’t serving of all my love for me that’s not what i said
before she was at stake elections dependents to put in my life go out this is our friend take good care union crowded onto a better place usd too book dad the happy to be something like nothing much
happened on the revocable bar given some arrested
dot so maddox wouldn’t talk to benchmark italy to meet you didn’t vendor slotnick
kid were sort each other to so the only one of the redwood dr themselves make when the others one outcome submittal of
nate and then i told him visenteno m calendars votes dot same lou access to stop singing and make that said william jump
overboard so you don’t no u telerate in i said no he says no that’s in about a year or early of what the always said doesn’t see the bottom
line uh… lou but that shouldn’t saying it easter bunny begging ought to take it you can hear him sing wanted to say tragic hero lesson catching up onstage to block you uh… could you hear me my religious uh… uh… common bring yours how many painters have are holding up comment that arrived yet you sure chatsworth but i was mine was four fingers are held up just like i used to for peace maddox was kept already was compliant
suspect these had was dark aurora the and the usd ten days and weeks that night
seventy six ninety was blown away all my now on that one of the document would be
on the make sure it was alright next morning seventy-seven my wall clock nico the kids watch were of a cutie nirmal cathedral future ryan will better look at him mornings maddox housing com mister maddox program lunatic fringe in our view uh… and form didn’t want recent ready to move it earlier today recovers quickly you’ve talked about his wife told would be sure to come back
with honor cost would be bad luck if you know maybe rich with the with na nog lackawanna uh… uh… so we buried maddox say that we
had a certain this time we watch despotic was here was off along by then folded up
of water and we could see grip passed a snap-back fifty feeders scare falling off of work and something john rocks here clinton water we didn’t see
many more the one morning bender softball cup
mckinney listened there’s a new high plot resisted the can hear anything behaviors upheaval apana day her started
yelling at mad standing up and in the bombing down magazine writer rearm forefingers from
things your stimpson for people who were and i would didn’t you maria clearly the queen’s uh… mhm yahoo you there who’s got two more points than discover
malapit for stricter skype in early in the afternoon vendor stopped
up and he saw some small eroticized exactly google would mean
vigorously subject of the roadways that we couldn’t see anything but later on
which starred we start one ship internship import a combo on just what all memorized we just want meant bandits once said at
this this is not stupid but don’t quote report remains right
around the convoy precipitous wire one-at-a-time standup opera falling down historic accord restaurant combo and we
know some smart bombs obc both subjects died at than a pc popular right boris kidnap
case we have only a miryam that probably
doing you have to wait out at that moment that antonio at what
i don’t know what not happen without a record setup the students they feared words invented at planning a colorado’s going broke more drama brain what one american or at pad but parallel one updated green t iti recruitment remember remarks later on a guy from the coast guard down
peter letters like repeat the idiot which bb blood just didn’t grow up you’d was made what your pre-strike mother didn’t like him and and i’ll take it easy layout along with uh… there eighty three days restore peter the over seventy program of words of war
where brought you probably from the recently published book eighty three
days survival of seeing a movie about mark
murphy this book tells the true story of basil
is the semen second-class annex baseball player from southborough massachusetts the radio adaptation work but you get
summer imminently was played by paul matt other than the cattle for gordon tom
where can i flinch myron mccormick bill quinn jackson back and blend anders the original music or compose mark
morris ki and conducted by mexico vermin the production was under the direction
of builder most next week we’re good wall will bring to
rule passages from paris on the ground by at her sharper or with another woman organizing
underground railroad smuggling british soldiers other conquered front words of war is brought to reel in
cooperation with the council on books and worked on by the national
broadcasting company of independent radio stations associated with the
n_b_c_ network put demand this program came to a real problem new
york this is the national broadcasting
company words at war presents paris underground
bipedal shot everywhere character justly rose sharply place that we are out acrobatic returns that that it’s good that i didn’t cost much at the
problem so i don’t care but can be blessed nbsp believing in beef and i did
to get there attempted by saying that they need to
reach house marriage australia over it’s nothing dot one of
our salvation just act like this is a city convert people placard detention yes chutney hi for uh… that’s alright tracking
system now youth that we from sleeping pills and i smoke a dean and give and i think that marcus marked
as big pink redemption i’ve been yes u who can make it dropped you then i won’t be filmed his life course job we think you depleting home justify second extent that you were and
we can of lying here at night belt it really happened to me is also experienced would you like to hear the story youth smoking shagun date and when i you know broadcasting company and
cooperation with the council on boat to more time present another program out
we’re doing for which brings to radio important war
books tonight one of the most amazing true
stories of this war was oil powers underground by preparatory mathew old miserable president so better chartreuse post-treatment courage
of our corporate merger agreement part-time another story leading to her
in prison an experience position or burgers on on
hard to believe that happen here see jacquelyn i’d always had many
friends in paris my husband was a newspaperman need
updating me there we need and i did my best dennis gray
and people ripple cable media covered it with her to rather separately these living in
paris but happy time we had then the barking it’s an optician marched on paris we cut
the crotch cell the roads with jammed they were not cleared him not to dive
bombers machine-gunned fog to clear the way for the german army proposes except watched endless columns
stony faced great uniformed troops passed by then they were ordered to return to
paris headed away so i’ve been restocked and
bake for something to eat the government people it before you had
to do is this maths english to math competing at school use your property is
when we screen milked nothing at tone one moment the sweet peas into the bayaku yet be seated ladies pictured and and and the day added t teaching and a sense of that week and material can be counted achieved also at stake think dietrich booked shook c we don’t want to stay with us tonight youare englishman down are wanted on the french citizen sometime no different my friend here is the american thing you
can do something for me my industry to start co and back someone you must leave the twins but even the peace and to me the repeal are let’s just do you suppose indecent net gaps ideas he has missed child’s ski dash
large cash he is he’s the man goodies p my name’s william gray on the product ras i’m in defer to him got caught dunkirk queensway i’ll be working my way south germans
move faster packwood and not now your computers around back why don’t trouble you baby spit if you look at this french text patient
while longer overseas you can get peace in civilian
clothes appear to take care of myself up to that
kill ron pakistani going to transmit worded anyway and you
must be kept it in your destiny we learn from that way they treat you as a prisoner of
war in civilian clothes they charge was a
spy kitty helpless exactly wat looks like my brucescott baker anyway now wait a minute gurantee alcott the luggage compartment local ski team
crazy enough to spin stopping cars on dedi picking up it’ll be taught happen
lifestyle if we could get into passing on him but it sounds it’s great as my american friend who would say how
would you like to join us the game of cops and robbers but how do i mean army would be the cops we three should be the robbers i think it’s like you got the phone carrying down there drew do recap gray a better adventurous there we didn’t know what we were getting into jeevan don’t stop our carpet none other
than the luggage compartment which opened in the space behind the back seat and sell only smuggled bill gray into an
apartment occupied by three middle-aged whitman kitty myself and i’ll bet on
made marco he didn’t have to be a spring marble
simply froze the marrow of our bones seventies cap decision counties homespun hosting
solutions them and meeting it’s now you said i’ve been everywhere
had made god i’ve been crazy to mike and his dry but no one can know no one will tell me
kitty there must be an underground railways sounding some system of getting
me into on monday by characteristic just try to get in touch with us has been hit in the bathroom here
director there he must know it because tapos getting closer and closer
to approving message c suspects is much he wants to give himself up to save us
in case the kind of movement masoud i was told today that the germans are
not to think at two british soldiers as prisoners of war any longer they’re shooting the spots the land and establish that to tighter and tighter around this
namely wages gave i_d_ waited for that mark on the door that
would mean discovery and then one evening kiki added bounced
into the apartment face what heavenly smile he gets fixed up troubles are over know
what happened cannot go not a print copy one and pretty we’ve
got uh… if i i i just don’t like the one that has happened inside you’re never shuts down we met him when we went to bed so just
can t lol of course that big husky that part of the first of all that’s the one
hit webster intel is a member of a compound
that’s getting prints noticed out of the country deflected it goes how do they do it a shot one of them
number in the police prefect if he ran past he gets from all the paper they need to
keep them out of jail nbc com this menace just a matter of smuggling them
across the demarcation line and i have another man to understate right on the
line so that’s easy instead and i just have to pay fifty
trying to head to the jam and far too difficult to tell the superman on about taking bribes wants to put the victor olympic is true tomorrow sunset will bring us bills
papers we deprive a gasoline to visit hospitals
in prison camps apostles and reviews that gasoline to drive to do
my case not cut off governor how could begin to thank you dispatch your friend alka use mathematical ready here down
creek facilities six people in general trondheim somewhere eccentrics to ties cds deficit margo empty judgment waiting bringing out be which detailed chicks upscale with
tanks in the bathroom under the picture cuts here covers that and not something of interest in the top
card it’s not that this picture every who guided to use it to accept to what
predicting started to shuttle correct and tek-tips ally it idea schedule it didn’t want you over toastmasters asked and desperately don’t darkest test to get into bed
pertain to campion just keeps cracking kitty tightest hug her style kiss fifty seconds uh… gabrielle carey event backed out that you’ve got to give you judgment this is my baby american friends shot she’s been living with me in patterson
sponsor seven unwilling victim of the war paul from home by consent i’m from a guest upper-middle shudder mister examine your own graco means you’d have to excuse its appearance
however my beverage in babies cry keogh maybe may have contracted contest
computers from a typical town now popular stated black bears it’s alright having just in the future
business built by the top here that this is not that bad his pet has baseball they sent me right here in the car dispensed with mhm there this dictate their their approach or of course where they’ve been quietly raving about it not being able
to shave i don’t you worry i think i’ll get to do
a barber tomorrow said that they cut this a here it is this cut is expired about ordering it grand prix intended to
go back to america because of the warning what about all about this help but think
that it students seemed worth renewing it and
circumstances answer the olympic boosters yes he did you know there are i’m terribly distressed about adding
kitty ought to help ploy of enlightened upset by our
visitors enter we didn’t mind god let up that great concierge yet your concert it either bennett trap player alexander lowers the of that where the third animal madams permits
list madams border always for a moment but there’s a fair goodness it’s now come to get in a
message bedding isn’t a regular content here you can even if the spirit needed
someone to conclude that madam address precursor to the court says and are useless you know forgot the party gentlemen in about basic interest in the civil
repeated use not but my guest answer at his name as ceo room buddy et cetera member of the poor you me my heavy breathing there mccabe it enhances collect from process have a survey of at work i’d anxious expatriates jobs sales helms mother
william gray at about midnight there and never forget how refund worry i felt
that probably would be and bring people you can compare it to
work at the county that distracting things were reflected my eyes well you it would look good at scott do
you find so were you after you’ve had a cup of
tea its address here’s a look here are expected your
goal much area of the car keys and on all right and i had something else to do
what are you always hear pets are better tell you about him bhatia kiki what have you been up till like
activities i have to he was walking down the road i think any witness kato just in the way
you could be interesting to him i have to offer to help and added sent
officer escaped from prison camp popped into which can cape when i look at her by tonight to be on
its way to join general to go to mended all of the overactive t_v_ effect do you realize you restored lucky
directly point you’ll quickly you’re not to yes but oh kitty promise me not to get into another thing
to this kind with the paper over there look at these at the back of his newspaper expressed
in the basement jumps into it is looking for his friends in the quake
which is this military hospital too long song what about the action you want to check
it survive tum and uh… that index that’s he’s one of the boys who don’t
have time to contact friends who could help in the skate safety daily or yes jobs and probably against never landscape military hospital in your town relieved those speaking about broadway
not right and in the man in your area of our
time angeline you are a lot of london about the kitty that all of this hardest little archit wringing my hands
and fear then it to the speaker kitty cat
reported dry if this is the break-in began on
military hospital yes of course cure parsley no get down to see you back
going back to the hospital will be lucky to doubt that suspicion of mouth have
city ticket to see that the pick up from that
six major spending the hospital allegedly a wise uh… matter of fact i have another reason for
going back to you know onlookers hope chicky although you what times d that poor sick corporately he knew it would happen if ten beth
escaped the other day he made me promise to come back and
happy to speak to mother of mercy uh… ad or the kitty probably going to popped back and forth
these blowouts it’s too bad we didn’t have a chance to
talk to cope with the agreement between the squad just expert at without arousing
suspicion specify will change we gotta get opt for that french major
caesar’s alright his own right yet let’s make that don’t have that it’s responded toxins weeks that those redeployed useless evidence mudville people do you know deal it is that all of his
with your visit people it easily the really kind of you to
takes its into this seems to small irrespective that you’ve seen it yet
would you be kind enough to answer one question willie’s lieutenant jonathan bilk you must be wanting to make a we’ve been through the whole thanking
the people of conversation with the shelf that it
would be intelligent enough but they didn’t know you have to miss kitt speak and i know all about you your mission entities i can understand you’ll see pretty with
these british soldiers who uh… prisons away though we are concerned whitby please you have violated the laws established
by the high command of the occupying bills that benefit or your plan used it making we’re absolutely year in placing
no-one it is a regular people hit you up to the
abilities which at this stage incidentally hamas soldier it is ready to abate not only a sort of the eighties and most of the flint river it this way i could not get the
withdrawal to the disappearance public than adults and hitchcock and then have to go to play that at all is said to think enough
because i did it get misty the suspect in the middle comeback pay commuter i’m very happy to have met another
removed amongst youbet upgraded is it that they
quickly coalition of is coping you to your path uh… the or it that was too close for comfort you see kicking around like i’d been to
insist to stop making peace teams and that you are predicting rights stupid
course and we couldn’t have more of the named suffix of tragic that’s company and who watched jonathan
berger skate you know the date of data so
pathetically but we don’t have a chance to speak to eight weeks playing that was
necessary action constitu menagerie attitudes toward call for me and it’s another to
compartment all contact now yes everything that this can be the most amazing moment i’ve ever known i am sure that providence took a
personal interest in our word frequent on for months and months they stop us at all private tax cuts could be whatever novel lucky enough to
lead a team bina couldn’t touch for the country
parish priest father christian markley who had nearly a thousand british soldiers escape from
dunkirk riding in the bullets he became one of these lynch so they would be hit this is no we must send each of them on the sweet
painted with the french uh… star but that means alone and more
people who know what to do it trust so many but you don’t realize that the other
server is that well frenchman that’s olympia these she’s sounds and then feel that that’s ever classes on outside so we think the it smuggled out one hundred and fifty
projections one hundred and fifty trade pared back pain in one evening i was alone in the
apartment except the marco chelsea thanks model and sd everybody still eventually elicit bottle
did doctrine lead of the hottest week just terrific statesman was sent out of
the country but the british is exclude come here specially but you’ve
been drinking at the sidebar damn quite alright look why did you come back to
occupied france week beat the shit didn’t we conditions objects is bad debt where to upset the trot is that why you cross the line you did not think we left force enough
to try to go digital d_c_-eight my papa doc watson that’s which he did not attend getting those
two things you said without over the country we demand that we be it part time and that’s that get out of here multiple out so these men are up on automobiles the blackwell about that may i suggest to vbs pulled aren’t artery cuban work but it’s a bit ten thousand perhaps read florid the german high command ripley ten
thousand many person providing names and
addresses those gation hiding english soldiers are
eighteen into risky dunya interdicting trip boast to amend to sell us out ten thousand pranks is a lot of money
marco island anyway these boys are no good panetta’s embarrassed at at at at at at at what you mean madam and missus at
that reigate and yet i noticed that when a string of
sets breaks and my other pops up the out as far back it seems we have twelve mm blistering but they did you have to be first myself than the others but at least stand out here promises josette five psi hotmail dot this year to see a all yes at hotmail about this is that
that’s right state yes at hotmail dot and pull out the it people like paul dentists diligently and the people i queuing carries a
message an estate retreats don’t give up never does the things that distinguish
freedom-loving people from those bond cassie thanks father grab a face that and they
thought they expect to get into bed for mercy instead he told them you think he was beaten foss foss is still etalaat with children the gentleman said that to you peak who did not you’ll be netball week gopal bellsouth immediately hostages deal don’t million soldiers i do not expect to win justice in the
poll conducted that the other side of the swastika but i know indian defying justice we creepy that’s with a simple parish priest told
the nazis the so-called cochran’s for the second
time to get shocked me and you would not mistaken had his
courage the to agree much and jacking success but what i hear op all i see just get com thing they seem to be catching up last night estimated at upon a time a suicide where a small yv at that but you take a catalog you shot a couple the what do anything about it but snow that’s
just an actor pride to be released madam chacha three shop you but upset at knowledge wasn’t another not to trick they did release missus schott over appears here’s our microphone the author of paris on the ground and
person to tell you the list why the nazis
liberar pres which is better judgment and that’s is released me from prison not to do me a favor but because they
wanted to use me and pot of the bombing i was exchanged father tari espy johanna hoffmann farming address on the line of bremen when i was told this by an american
official i said but i believe at gemini got the best of the moslem get hannah hofmann is certainly more
valuable to the gand than i ever could be giving nine states might be in this issue i have a that
official said suppose a british government and in the
last one i had a chance to exchange views cabell well he was wrong there and certainly no he did handout but brett but my friend kidney is idoney followed which unit and she is paying very muddy any party
game i do not know whether or not the damage
that would have been death but i can’t go on hoping the god of justice will continue to
remain at my side and whenever my hot begins to eight they’d known in this haha i have my last richest sustained words he spoke before a separate band when i got me i have not said i did what i had to do i knew the price and i was willing to
page i have given england a hundred and fifty
bucks for the one she’s losing them think of that and think of me when war is over go green and walk along the embankment tends in
the spring when i was used before i wouldn’t see if you can contact or as we sent to
me telander is i want to help them now they must have been they must carry on the work i’d can no
longer do like continuing to be what they have
always been enemies detailing unwavering pandas hair as the eighteenth program of words of
wall where brought to passages from paris underground for the personal
appearance of the author of this outstanding bestseller at a sharper the book was adapted for radio by
richard mcdonald the n_b_c_ staff irene hubbard played at a sharper john alexander westcott others in the
past wherever they climbed shirrita bar pick-up l stephan traveled bertram times
will inject looked the original music was arranged from
french and english folk songs by moslem works bmp inducted by mexico vermin and the production was under the
direction of jaws of mos next week words of war were present
another adaptation of an important warble worked at war is brought to you in
cooperation with the council on book two more time by the national broadcasting
company an independent radio stations associated with the n_b_c_ network this is the national broadcasting
company words at war on are nominated but a m i applaud your
will make the as against the about abroad scenery having lived in wasn’t while wearing them about what
stands on its own they’ve never flew on a clear day i would not have won the way
home and what climate this year’s cumberland moderate dilutions residing
vacation me with a germ x worked as the good old
one of no return right now game-winning through that breaking apart said it wasn’t carolyn judgeships one
two-three former five sixteen mostly as an invasion fleet in a scapegoat and we
got some news for the boys back home i wish we had a coppola wrong fiza historic just wake up call back before
he gets back begun bag token eunice or even ok protect are a lot more than a c
rhodes scholars words of warning national broadcasting company inc with
the council on boats and more time bring your mother in a series of radio
treatments of important books of this war denied all booked is calling for its
first hand accounts of the war in the emotion those filed shrouded item stepping
stones that mister ford also up returned the shortcut to tokyo and here is the story and calling for
its own words heheh history can turn on a very small it on a third of june nineteen forty two a navy p_b_ why patrol ship commanded by
lieutenant al d campbell spotted part of an approaching japanese
task force and got word back tibet robert alaska but the jap said they were planning more
than just the capture of dot chopper eight no mistake about that they were planning the actual invasion
of opposite they cannot west coast the japs have planned well in they meant
business but there was one thing they didn’t know until it was too late than i did not
myself back in touch problems i quoted initial
with an american bomber pilot going on jab high-level bombing sports reliable
debates dropping heavy explosives incendiary last we’ve got the oil tanks facebook and those jobs that might be in the
clouds the first time in my life i wish there
was a brochure piloting good idea long winter’s nap before we went on a
thousand miles a year now combat in the money on that vigor on
those jet planes asean dot robert at peace letter starting today killing redeeming deadlock about that back up part of their behind
them top nine chaos supplies all natural a
stopped the bombing delights a let me know and what most people use
compliment you on occasion when a everybody knows that there should it’s a little surprised we had a problem honorable intelligence but both probable
laptop so there’s more but into a trap what one time our political leaders was
not right it was a victory but i didn’t realize how much of a
big-name polite snub of the radio shack found they operated sitting there
listening while abroad mineralization a and pride worry about cable service during the day away like
project after once we didn’t read past present as one of my heart will use in their radio during the trip
much normal has got the report as soon as those jap carriers that we had a
secretive you’ll get a stampede of moreno i dislike dollar planes hang up
in the air arsenic and asked me when the he said
don’t understand japanese master with i don’t need an interpreter understand
that katie desperate doing so i don’t know i
i i about getting any at our i_r_a_ i unique threat all uh… match howard cap off in another state is a
sixty eight when i apologize door alone that ended the chapter even some of the
lastminute com twenty woman but this data test was put in that case
again at two one settle down to consolidate but our job just begun now belong months of aerial slugging
began from the new bases all at fall winter
and spring our pilots bombed and stressed the enemy
whenever the weather alone whenever the weather allow that was a
catch in illusions you’ll find the follows the
dirtiest flying conditions anywhere in the world thoroughly modern tell you something
about that told me in it’s the weather that’s arial element
here caught in the wind in the cold bargaining like a blanket over the
islands there today we kept a week leave me out of the zero zero in the air
the meds zero zero weather on the ground we applied at the same we have to fly when even the birds are
walking yes while he’s right the governor of a well along if the wind cyclone would be a better word they come up in a couple of seconds and
they below eighteen miles an hour when the planes are on the ground they
have to wait and down with oil drums even find attractive but it doesn’t do much good that will widen its mail gets matched uh… with this weather around here that
practically have to use a five hundred pound bomb for a wind sock we all longevity idea of weather bad as it was it was the only has a
those kids of ours that the fates listen this technical sergeant hello
glad that value of a typical bombing mission is baptism of this was my first nation was pretty excited we just left the field night turned on
my indicator switch glancing at the panelists a little bon
stations religion everything was ok so i slept on my
headset recall the colony of the phone vomited a pilot at alike commission to test my machine guns
uh… and at answer it further instructions dad straight okay so that i’m ready did re-open the bombay doors and waited for
the red light at the one sort of put the control ever in selected the target came up i cut it off on blog leaned forward so i could follow it down i saw brown streamlined shape pull away
from us waddell down into the water just short of the target causing the bombed or as i call the
pilot baba due to pilot dick fish or target everything ok sir or that we’re getting close had to get a check all of my instruments
over and over i heart was beating move faster type of
warm i kept wondering whether or not i’d be
afraid then off in the distance we could see
kiska island very obscured by mr left-hand froze on the bombay door
control of my right hand on the ground report a large circle to the right and suddenly on the horizon two ships etc etc heart was pounding careers where my
breath was coming apart we’re going to run in lower mast height i wondered about the ac ac thirty thousand feet and the aircraft
doesn’t warrior but a fifty your neighborhood boy could not as well
but i’ll be begun our whole formation got ready for the
run pouch action suit pocket k gut operator pilot ross avoca let’s get ’em ailene leblanc doors dot reading bang
out a romantic evening dodging bobby’s getting withholding like hungry wolves
wish it was in destroying the recognition meanwhile retired spotting you heaps of flame and smoke who was an explosion almost every ten
seconds second shift was waaay groundswell
sinking when it’s done with black smoke pouring from where had only count three other planes robert at the tail gunner it they get a lot like i got one kid kit caring in kids no medals passed out for that a rated no pictures in the papers lonely road it didn’t work done mission was a successful dot was was the
field only mother did not live without them remember one rate my friend wally one of
them i wasn’t on the breeding and each
morning after breakfast the combo who’s with the other email their cut to hear the day’s mission brite it part of a mess hall tipping up their
priest lined leather flying suits broke the weight of the hot through the
kinky blackness of an alaskan winter morning come on the matter with us mister
foreman or giving her mission briefed lawless my
purse online me i a lot more art than him i have in the air over the last one to enclose it along
with it all categories separating out as adults on the day if and when agata climb to about nine or ten
thousand on the layout that on top of the chain from around the bulk and other colorado darted towards the island there on the map bacon i did a great diving track all flights javelin right first elemental use a sixty five hundred
base alitalia deccan element of the five hundred doctor a bomb in a roundabout uh… the first time it will take time
out of the second those updates it was a loose formation except again
spider opposition in which case will close up regular tactics jumping a moderate gets first priority
of course remember under a bombing rama co-pilot
will maintain a risk that the pilot flies the ship probable five miles north of the sport well quite are covered education they got in trouble uh… you’ll all a great effect at the
base maintained radio silence on the layout tattered frequently uh… what we have much zero opposition
i think so uh… aircraft uh… reappraisal communique will stay
till july i hope that there was no land aircraft fire but uh… look out for those problems let’s all boys thank you watch it we should hear about the weather some
common excel about whether or not now workers must do
not have laid out with that sexual about meeting some of the more it
and if you are like art level of government work in the jigsaw puzzle
seminar vomited escorted i probably i sent a isleye after this glorious puzzle i ever seen i think it all along it’s probably the
picture of beautiful thing anot financier peace work account they’ll the fact that centimeters corey for what is a writer
heartland i sammy but you could tell the story about
a girl all year you know that uh… what’s apathetic intimate what sam is well with the girl
back in new york so we’ve got a bum but is wings even
gaze to a so we went downtown bar sets me back five minutes maxi but what i told your mum paganini he
class my back he says my boy on michael pop-up box for everybody
property sonnets so what happens so i get sent to alaska
apricot up that stuff like that passion even about
the cause what’s the weather report that’s favorable we go witnessed team tao it’s on board viewership unless it’s a long list for paint it
back inside right now which is that there’s a question grab briefcases and charts filed through
the door out onto the field jostling talking the planes are already on the line
warmed up and ready to go the cruise by land and they’re all four
part of the morning more standing on about what’s going on revealing canceling chechnyans museums go philosophically should stand on the field as they begin to come
in strike news news i said was the field with a
defect from a mission but today they come in quiet claimed by plane watched wall-e shipment shuttle he started city it looks good doesn’t look good old said return of
more than simply the ones the movement prompted the holes in them guardianship uh… ago thank you sir
president of the plane was good so you sure couldn’t there must be nearly a
hundred holes in it calling palmists war the was it buddy heard bomb it is dead sammy into the salmon you’ll have to worry about that
engagement ring anymore this and it was good was a bad mission and none of the boys
talk about it you always get a reaction and when you didn’t go through it
yourself i felt so we do in the news then went
back to the hunt will revert to incentives unfinished
itself policy like it was sitting forestry piecing
together deleted is sold none of the hud without saying just up to think what christmas is like
up there on a lonely battlefront half a world away from got a christmas party up at the base i’ll never forget it there are many trees on the aleutian you
know but you must have a treat for christmas though the boys one up behind the
captain gathered all modes of green tundra morphs they fastened together with bailing land
the shape of a small for somebody sprinkle shavings from a bar of
soap around for artificial snow and a christmas tree decorations they
hung some empty fifty caliber show salvage from the floor of obama just
back from a fight over tests even fashioned a star of that please from the top of the for the top of the
treaty by folding red cellophane guestlist it was on the nicest revengeful and well i know that’s always brown then sent on the tables along the
benches and on the floor with shoulders prop against the body needs of the row
behind shaggy and shameless zehra rain-soaked
orchestra pit oldest sergeants leaking little strands of blacks more round of
the rough elites uh… we’re waiting for the festivities begin
some of the boys were talking about their favorite subject you know you think if i came to a place
like this you know it’s just thinkin i put my toothbrush back home is still
have same old place beside the white space i was thinking about my mom’s fried
chicken you have never tasted fried j continued
tasted hers if i was home when they don’t have to do brochure fried chicken but to be mashed potatoes great too hot
biscuits for dessert maybe we’d have that uncanny
stick ice cream i’m i’m exodus out i’d probably have to turn the freeze it
for lots of tough job but i get to lick the plunge delay eleven texas mom out of the pecan pie for dessert no problem will confront your pecan pie at the first thing on what the make it
back but then it is speaking and pot uh… what i’d like most is to see my
wife so i’ve never seen more right after i left for you that reminds me mister ford you could do me a favor if you would surely what is it when we’re back and recruit gerrymander
record for my son on one of those uh… recording machine music store there you’re going back to the state soon ready to take the record back to my wife i know she’d like to have it indicators of the wealthy you know your life i’ll be glad to do thanks a lot alright parks that start the celebration celebrations tonight like this could
happen christmas is a time for exchanging get i’m sorry posed with the just under mail from home hasn’t come yet you all know all those things uh… hotel window i wish i could put a package under the
tree for each of you where profit despair i did manage to pick up your things over
at the expo not not to go around of course but it is better than nothing that’s y each man with anticipate when
it came in we’re going to raffle off a presence we
have watch it tickets if you get your number called or just sound off were elaborate unavoidably thirteen
daylight attack christmas and think a lot of saint a pop pop pop alright
welfare’s the press balboa it’s twenty seven i can’t speak shock dot god does have a happy apprised hero i want to get one causeway bay
epicure likely i think it is the pilots jack i had i say that spread by chaplain
the the pilots boxing matches no maxwell’s x it’s not bad one hundred fortify hoechst but while a to ground kruti what people
know about it yet gtalk at this sub par sab kaise nazi-like salute the but but the thirty public backing bank vault pauline ac there are so if you are present nike chaplain i quit president break and come out cases in the state courtship that number thirteen why do i get an actress spokane don’t
look for a thousand miles it heart all right we still have a few more presents ticket but first let’s try carol salary here’s what we all know orbital product out there seagal so we can all here let’s go throw are that was christmas sales we’ve got to take you up on putting
because you see there were no boats our menu that day consisted of being
soooo lukewarm sdo tomatoes boiled potatoes which had been frozen
which no one eight bread without any potter vienna sausage but i was eating it with our air force
combat crews soliciting elbow to elbow with those men another flying since or
fighting are on the war and it was a finance christmas and i
never had in my life the arsenic it used to like that back to the
states was the song in the absence of the bond the weather gets to be a part of life
itself got their intentions esn depth to him that sort of attention might go every
time i saw a little boy sitting in the summer because then i get thinking about waali while he and his son i brought that a record back with me as
a problem one i think that the music store in
anchorage i had to bring it to while his wife i think about the corrected alive wallet prospero pratap it if they can start oc pepper there today officer altogether uh… a lot record when tom andrews a little bit alright although some all agree family
health plan you know so i think uh… forget their
worth or profit if you are a sign of iraq i’ll be coming to talk to you or building mate and i hope we can talk there won’t be a
warrant you could be ready or abdullah play off the request software about uh… ticket david laporta practical i hope pocket uh… pickup alright like uh… ha ha apollo needle stuck that way one while
his wife i’d always hoped it didn’t because you see it was good fun wally wasn’t coming back i never knew just what happened to him
because plane crashed into a market in the fall while it was a good pilot there was a bit jap i live in the world
without fighter moral line but an enemy cooking fight b maybe it sounds trite to say that those
kids didn’t die in vain holly and sammy and the others but it’s true just the same they’d be
japanese pushed him out of absolute christa the weather will be on our side rebuild many strong new places and mom and by that on the old one fresh-faced here i a kids who lived in never for applying and repairing a chain
of stepping stones it may become our shortcut to tokyo it uh… as the nineteen th program of worded
wall where brought you passages from the bestseller barco report shortcut to
tokyo the book was adapted for radio by
william will go report was played by helen bonds must
be more quality others in the past work aniline john gerard art carney palm and
norman rules and to agree the original music was composed and
conducted by marcia morrissey on the production was on the next week brigid ward presents passages
from whom dared to live or model tenant management with the wild
of the royal canadian navy problems here is a which isn’t that the perennial biennial
huh program came to from new york this is the national broadcasting


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