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welcome to University Hospital into world-class medicine there are nearly 600 members of our medical staff providing quality care every day to every patient many of them are nationally and internationally recognized authorities in their fields here you will meet just a few University Hospital is the state designated level 1 trauma center for northern New Jersey one of three in the state the hospital has an outstanding trauma and emergency services team you may have already met them in the New York med TV series that ABC News broadcast in 2014 as a trauma center we are required to have a board-certified trauma surgeon on duty 24/7 and the operating room fully staffed in 24/7 trauma works hand-in-hand with our EMS which serves the City of Newark the airport and the Seaport our emergency medical services was the only one in the state to receive the highest level of recognition from the American Heart Association for treating patients suffering from severe heart attacks the first liver transplantation in new jersey was performed at university hospital in 1989 since then our liver Center has been one of the busiest in the nation we're one of only two liver transplant centers in New Jersey and home to an outstanding team of Physicians and Surgeons the center attracted dr. Nicholas prosopis an internationally recognized specialist the center has a team of professionals to attend to patients every need it is the go-to place for a wide range of liver diseases the Center's goal is to prevent the advancement of disease and eliminate the need for transplantation by offering the most advanced to treatment dr. mark clap holes is director of the division of cardiology at the hospital and professor and chair of medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School he leads a team of professionals that treats a wide range of disorders including arrhythmias coronary artery disease pulmonary hypertension and heart failure youh is recognized by the American Heart Association for outstanding care for patients with heart failure we also received health grades five star rating for success in treating heart failure patients we're the only Hospital in northern New Jersey recertified by the Joint Commission for advanced heart failure care a full range of diagnostic tests is available from the surgical perspective leading-edge techniques and technology such as robotic surgery ensure the safest most effective treatment at our hospital our neurosurgeons are known worldwide for their major clinical and basic science research and contributions to neurosurgery you might recognize dr. Peter caramel on the left he was the first neurosurgeon to be elected president of the American Medical Association dr. Charles prestige jacquimo directs the Department of Neurological Surgery here he also chairs the Department of Neurological Surgery at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School University Hospital is one of only three hospitals in New Jersey to receive the Health grades of neurosurgery Excellence Award the brain tumor program offers a comprehensive multi specialty neuro surgical center providing the most advanced care for brain tumors available in New Jersey the program pioneered the use of intraoperative MRI scans University Hospital was the first Hospital in the u.s. to utilize a compact oor based MRI system to obtain real-time images of the brain before during and after surgery our comprehensive Stroke Center has been recognized by the American Stroke Association for outstanding care of stroke patients the stroke center is one of New Jersey's leading stroke programs it was established to provide early diagnosis and management of acute stroke and to reduce the disability and mortality from stroke orthopedics at University Hospital has been recognized as a high performing specialty by US News & World Report patients come from all over with a variety of problems to see recognized specialists like chief of service dr. Joseph benevento specialties range from hand foot and ankle surgery to sports medicine joint replacement spine surgery and oncology and limb salvaging this teenager came to University Hospital for the removal of a tumor in the placement of a non-invasive expandable prosthesis that enabled her to walk UHS skilled ent team provides advanced care for patients with a broad spectrum of head and neck conditions dr. Solley beretti's is chief of service patient care is coordinated across a range of sub specialties and Hospital departments one of our most important programs here is transformative robotic surgery which helps keep procedures minimally invasive and assists with quality of life issues University Hospital is one of only 3 New Jersey hospitals that perform cochlear implants we do more than any other in the state about 30 each year dr. Robert Jung performs all of the implants in a surgery that takes about three hours our success rate is nearly 100% this young boy is hearing birds sing for the first time at University Hospital podiatry is the only practice that is solely a hospital department our podiatry residency program is the only one in the state that is attached to a level one trauma center headed by dr. George Wallace the team is renowned for its reconstructive foot and ankle surgery and trauma and diabetic limbs salvaging they have special expertise in treating the diabetic foot last year they performed nearly four hundred surgeries u-h podiatrists restore function reduce pain and improve patients quality of life University Hospital is a resource where community physicians often consult on their most complex cases radiology for example is an area where other doctors have come to our doctors for second opinions our equipment is top-notch and we are the only place in the state with facilities to do nuclear testing for patients weighing up to 500 pounds dr. Marcos Arbonne leads the Institute for ophthalmology and visual sciences the Institute is the only place in New Jersey that provides 24-hour coverage for every disease or condition of the eye our ophthalmologists often fix things that had gone awry elsewhere this young man's sight was saved after bones around the eye were broken in a procedure done at an independent surgery center patients come from all over for extraordinary care at our NICU the neonatal intensive care unit and to see dr. ona FOFA the care we provide translates into a 95 percent success rate for premature babies who wait three pounds or less as you can see world-class medicine here means that we are a statewide resource for New Jersey's medical community walk the halls of university hospital and you will find world-class medicine around every corner thank you you you you you

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