World Mental Health Day PSA: Focus on depression

如果“抑郁的黑狗”让你感到心如死灰,万念俱灭, 你不必太难过, 全世界还有大约3.5亿人像你一样。此病使人备受煎熬, 但通常可以治疗。 如果你为他人担心 就需关心他们。 如果是你自己有问题, 就赶紧求助。 这不丢人, 享受不到美好人生才是人生一大缺憾。 赶紧求助。接受帮助。 永远不要放弃希望。 世界卫生组织


  1. well it can ruin everything for some people to get help for depression. For an example if they have various syphtoms and diseases and you have been fully diagnosed and if you show some sign of depression the doctor doesn't bother to help and blames everything on that, when the depression only came because of the physical diseases -_- It ruined everything for me and i'm not going to get help until they have figured out what's wrong with my body and immune system first.

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