World’s First E-Joint Has Arrived! (feat. Jaclyn Glenn)

a Dutch company has invented the world’s
first electronic joint that’s right a Dutch manufactures E-Njoint claim that be the spliff I is totally harmless contains no
tobacco nicotine or even THC so just to be clear what’s
going on here is tthe that’s the part that sort of the
mental high this can make you laugh and all that but the stuff that had the medicinal
benefit is not so you can get the medicinal benefits without having the
other part of it with an image %uh the E jointly EN join it looks like an e-cigarette
basically but nice marijuana leaves the you know what you do in there not to
confuse you job it’s got the the shape Abril join
obviously a chrome-plated tip where the cannabis
need lights up with every puff it’s available in 6 proof labors and
they’re currently at ten thousand at these things sold every day in Europe and you know they want to get rid of course
at to Amsterdam where we’d is already legal although they’ve been taken back from a
right on that arm pretty good right this this seems all good we got no
probably to the stable I hope in I’m surprised a personal always be
Wade to you know invaded the Dutch you know they and their the one attacks in prague that’s done in tax
prostitutes you know they’re they’re like let’s hey there’s a supply arthur’s the
there’s demand let’s apply it and that’s what they’re doing here on
surprise and there’s only six players yeah the president literally have the
Union yeah there in a union and they have to go for STD testing yeah every so often only
when it doesn’t it makes money off it so this could be another example that arm
so if you took the mental high and this was just medicine oh there any real is there
anything wrong with this at any level you can be but I don’t think there’s
anything wrong with just we’d anyways but I mean like a few to benefit to this if there’s like a child or something you
know that would need the medical benefits right something without getting
high you know obviously you know you don’t be
like oh you’re littlejohn take this weed to smoke it but if it helps them you know really
pain then I’m totally agree with that but whatever first for
this article to be on a play I can allow to love them like it okay folks got no nicotine got no
tobacco it got no THC but it’s got like this marijuana leaf on
people like getting on fight about what alguna of a new thing i’ve a first-ball
I feel like China joins for a long time so this isn’t like something that was newer shocking to me right but the fact
that they’re able to take out all those things and use it for purely medicinal
purposes is exciting yeah that’s a good thing do
we need this in america I or do we just need to get or do we
just need to get legalize period the way it’s going from state to state right now and the exact we should legalize period
like many other taxing prostitution sup why do we tax
marijuana me know when you’re help so many things yeah Detroit take
some notes of Amsterdam rel innovative you know fine fine new business ventures dressed in their cutting off water in
Detroit as we did in another segment where maybe a little weed profiteering
yaaay right be good for taxing the hookers a
lot in Detroit yeah what do you make of the people that iced cans at some level even though I
don’t agree with them I can somehow get the people that don’t want people to be stoned could even be stupid
in driving I don’t agree with it and if there’s nothing true about it but but what about the people that are still
saying no for medicinal purposes well that to you when I was a
gateway everything is a caring the game is an enigma eyeballs a gateway to regular food yeah yeah I think the only way to really a
takeaway weed in the day which isn’t something else would begin only like at it is don’t see it as as crazy
especially since there’s nothing end this that would be addictive that
would be a gateway to anything what it’s not even get you high yeah you know it’s like pretty much
taking medicine so is it because big farm is now behind this year is that the
idea because we love everything in pill form so they were medicinal benefits to this
in in this form until big farmers behind it you know we
never get the marketing to get everyone ginned up for him maybe two degrees people mostly to be
convinced to things like they think that all might have had a marijuana leaf on
it yeah p but it looks like that profit off
and I think I think once you get a big company behind in manufacturing and just
like big tobacco in the eighties in the ninety is and fis error and the other big drug
companies once you get a big corporation mind his you know donating money into a major
political campaigns everyone’s gonna be back on board
especially is as you guys are saying there’s no actual negative side effects
that impair judgment right from what firmware smoking after
they’re telling us that if their talent yeah and I we gotta believe iraq did with that appeal to you to smoke
something that you would get so did not have the the mental stuff we but just get the physical stuff
you know your shoulder and he’s not that you feel a little better instead taking
Advil or something choice Hollywood you know what the THC
in there and that you take a at a rapid may be sprinkled on top yeah morning call their yeah that’ll be
something inject marijuana’s yeah alright yeah legalized for god sakes every week with the week
my kids up


  1. No THC No high. The only real proven benefit of weed is how the high is a kind of pain killer. This is useless

  2. The Dutch have prostitutes, we have congress. Sorry prostitutes, I suppose that was a cruel comparison.

  3. Has David Rubin never heard of the G-Pen? That's pretty much an E-Cig for weed, and has been around for years.

  4. Don't be fooled. The raw ingredient in this e-cig is THCA  (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid)., something that does not get a person high. BUT, when heated in the e-cig, THCA is converted into THC. The e-cig will get a person high. Marijuana users already know this; eating raw marijuana gives very little high, but baking it in brownies or smoking it gets them high. The heating process converts the inactive drug to active drug. The manufacturers of this product are dishonest.

  5. Netherlands is such a nice country 🙂 Obviously everyone has their flaws but if I had to choose a place to be born they'd be at the top of my list.

  6. eh I don't give a shit about drugs they could make everything smokeable legal or illegal I wouldn't care either way to be honest

  7. I just want to say that Jaclyn did a great job and I would love to see her as a permanent fixture in the TYT Network.

  8. The Drug War has no credible proof to support it, so it's pure oppression and those foisting it should be arrested and charged to stop them doing more harm in society by forcing more of their beliefs on other free people.

  9. ughh so tired of people saying well if we did have this in pill form than would it be legal… WE DO HAVE IT IN PILL FORm and have for years

  10. Here! Let's take out the fun stuff and make it purely medicinal! Because fun is immoral.
    I fucking hate humanity

  11. To tyt dont be inflammatory that's for responses too :).   Even the american goc gave weed for painful afflictons …. read about it.   Ecig  for hashis a  custom fixture.   If u want ur liberties away say its cool cause now if u have an ecig ur "suspicious" to qutoa hungry " impartial law enforcement " 🙂

  12. Can we buy them online…? I know it wont get me stoned but that is beautiful and i must have it… the. Again im smoking while watching this lol.

  13. I understand the medicinal aspect of it, but what fun is it if you can't get high? Its like drinking alcohol without getting drunk.

  14. Two things. First the gateway issue, weed is a gateway drug BECAUSE it is ILLEGAL. If you are buying weed from an illegal drug dealer, they may also sell harder drugs. If your looking to try a harder drug, who else are you going to ask where you can find it but you local illegal pot dealer? Those dealers may also push to get you to try harder drugs to increase their customer base and profits. Make pot legal and that connection to harder drugs will be broken.
    Second big drug companies do not want pot to be use medically. Unlike all other drugs, pot is a plant that can be grown quite easily in anyone's home. If you can treat yourself with a plant grown by you, in your home it will majorly cut into drug companies profits and even the taxes collected on sales. I would not be surprised to see laws forbidding the growing of you own plants, even if full legalization happens. 

  15. The E-joint will help legalization. When corporations get into the pot game there will be a lobby to push for legalization.

  16. people say weed is a gateway drug. i know a lot of people who smoke and never do anything other drugs. the thing is, the type of people who are going to end up doing heroin, because of chronic pain or having fucking issues or just not giving a fuck, are not going to start out at heroin. i dont think people really do that.

  17. Marijuana wax, and Dap can be used in regular e cigs.. ALREADY !!! And the wax comes in every combo, flavor, and strength you could possibly want… HOW IS THIS NEWS?!! Maybe if u live on the East Coast*

  18. This is totally fucking stupid.

    And dave rubin is bordering on totally fucking stupid. THC is as medicinal as it gets, and is required to make other cannabinoids, like CBD, work. It's not only REAL medicine if you don't feel it, inhale it, or enjoy it – that's moronic. Some drugs get you high, and with cannabis, as with many, it's not only a side effect, it's part of the method of action – it's just that with cannabis, instead of being the ONLY benefit, like with opiates, there's many aspects to the high and the plant, and they can be used many ways for benefit. Oh, and unlike opiates, the high doesn't burn out your ability to feel happy without the use of a physically addictive chemical. And get the fuck over kids who may need medical pot, it's infinitely better than the opiate drugs currently given to kids. Getting high is not just something that you can seperate from the benefits of cannabis, and if you allow it to be that way, the war on drugs will not be stopped, CBD laws are a get-out-of-passing-medical-pot free card for conservatives and fake liberals. Your "little johnny" would be much better off with weed, than the codine or hydrocodone currently given to kids for all sorts of things. Those opiate drugs have serious long term effects on the brain's reward systems, and should not be used until pot has already failed, considering it's the safer option.

    In fact, it may be harmful, if they only define harmless as not containing those specific things. It may have synthetic cannabinoid chemicals, for instance, which can be very nasty.

  19. this sounds like just an e-cig advertised as a marijuana e-joint. Could it be confirmed in any way that it really does have the medicinal benefits of marijuana ?    if it doesn't even have THC I don't see what makes it different from an e-cig 

  20. I been smoking electric hash oil pens for a long time.  Shits been here in Montana since day 1.

  21. A few thoughts (as if anyone cares):

    1.) If this e-joint were painted black and handed out to random people WITHOUT identification, would they "get high"?
    Aka are they reliant on the placebo affect?

    2.) the ultimate "gateway" drug(s) if there are any, are caffeine and sugar.

    I can't think of any other drugs that are so widely available, easily accessible and treated so mildly.
    Children can purchase almost any amount of caffeine without any hurdles, and sugar is in almost EVERYTHING in the supermarket.

  22. I wish people would do research before they do these shows.  Marinol.  Pilled THC.  They have had it for decades.  The people who want marijuana illegal are just thieves.

  23. Could be a good backdoor to getting it legalized in states that currently don't allow recreational OR medicinal use.. if you object to this you're essentially just saying fuck those sick people, I'm against water vapor and medicine..

  24. I don't want to get high, but they say it helps if you have asthma, so I'd try something in order to breathe better. I'm on ciclesonide right now, and if pot is better I'd be open to changing. I'm sure inhaling a steroid, in the long run, isn't something that's good for you. So if that'll be better, sign me up. I just don't want to get high. (Not that I have anything against other people getting high, I tried it and it's not for me.)

  25. Sounds like a gimmick for stupid tourists and amateurs. The sort of people who would be into this shit are the kind of people who have watched a few Harold and Kumar movies and thought they were realistic depictions of drug use. You could hand these people an aspirin, tell them its ecstasy and 5 minutes later they'll be dancing around with their tops off and talking to garden gnomes.

  26. Weed and hashish have not been legal in the Netherlands since 1953 under post WW II pressure by the USA. In the seventies cannabis has been decriminalized (as in tolerated) under certain regulated circumstances. Within these strict regulations the possessing (max 5 gr p.p. for a person, over 30 gram is considered possession for dealing, and 500 gram for a coffeeshop), selling (max 5 gram p.p. per day and only in official coffeeshops), using (outside the privacy of the home or coffeeshop has an E180,- fine on it) and growth (max 5 plants p.p. and none when being caught growing more than 5 plants in the past) is still illegal in the Netherlands, but not persecuted. Coffeeshops can not legally procure the weed from the producers, so there are strong links with organized crime who deliver to the shops. Also town councils can choose to not allow coffeeshops within their municipality, many smaller municipalities choose for this policy. Weed growing, use and sale can not be legalized in the Netherlands because of treaties the Netherlands signed within Europe. In the three southern provincies, selling weed to foreigners is illegal all together, to prevent drug tourism from Belgium, France and Germany. Also cannabis is the number two drugs (after alcohol) for which people ask help in Dutch addiction clinic's. 

  27. You forget that weed smoke is still smoke.
    It still can hurt you.
    It's still soot and shit in your highly sensitive lungs.

  28. Then again, this may be a bad thing for stoners. Soon they will cut out legal weed in general, and just use these, considering the only good thing legalizing weed has going for it at the moment is the medicinal purposes, and this offers just that. This might be a scary thing.

  29. This seems like a HORRIBLE thing — not a mater having a problem with marijuana in general, but its dangerous (politically) to the vaping community.  If it enters the public consciousness people who've been brain washed to be terrified of marijuana may start to see e-Cigarettes as drug paraphernalia and start pushing for harsher regulations or outright bans on those and winning more support in doing so.

  30. Honestly, I thought this was something else. I assumed, having smoked e-cigs for some time now, that it would be nothing more than a flavor with no benefits. To tell you the truth, I'd rather smoke that than what this really is. I love the smell and taste of weed, though I'm far too much of a control freak to enjoy it's main benefit. Also, if it were nothing more than a flavor, it would likely be perfectly legal everywhere.

    Don't get me wrong, I have no issue against weed. I just don't enjoy it as much as I used to. It should be legal everywhere, and sold just like cigs are. In fact, I think it should be more legal than booze.

  31. As far as THC goes, that's not the damaging effect. The damage is the smoke. If you smoke a cigar, that would cause damage to your lungs.
    THC is not harmful.

  32. Why is there no THC? It's one of the most medically useful substances in marijuana. Also, highly addictive opiates are used as painkillers while marijuana is less addictive than alcohol.

  33. doesn't get you stoned? in fairness its been years since I bothered with weed… but I certainly can't see the point in shit that does nothing an aspirin doesn't do?

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