World’s Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive)


  1. Yeah so no, this is blatantly false, actual research with the drug show no evidence that it decreases someone's ability to choose, or noticably changes their suggestibility

  2. If you look up the drug that they make out of this it has absolutely no effect on free will, unfortunately these guys are making up attributes if the drug to seem more compelling

  3. I heard about this a couple years ago. But one guy who got robbed was a gangster who went to the bank saw the people who robbed him , and um lets say they weren't around for much longer

  4. I've always known about this plant in my country El Salvador, people don't mess with it generally, there is also a element of chosen ignorance, most people don't care about learning more about the plant. We're just told not to play with it. Florifundia we call it. I live in the USA now and I'd seen it in people's yards, pretty sure those people don't know it's properties and how dangerous can be.

  5. All very interesting, but what we all want to know is, where can we get it? For this Friday. As a mate has been asking obviously

  6. Good on you for killing the sons of bitches,wow wish i was there just to hear them beg for there life's, would've satisfy the Bloke big time,and good job.

  7. I think that's what hannibal lecter gave that guy to cut his face up that was in the wheel chair in the second movie

  8. well, that's known as jimsonweed or Datura Stramonium and Stechapfel in German. A tropanalkaloide good solvable in water. It just seems scoplamin occurs in other plants too but for us Europeans the easiest source is datura.

  9. In German it´s called "Engelstrompete" ( Angels Trumpet ) and you see it in alot of gardens here. every kid knows that it is poisonous and you ain´t allowed to eat from it. I know someone who made a tea out of the flower, because he heard i causes hallucinations and woke up in a forest 20 miles away with only his belt on. 😀 We were told as kids about the inquisition and the mass witch burning that took place in our area and in old books from the middle age ( forbidden herb and witchcraft books from the middle age ) this plant was also mentioned and even in the book Malleus maleficarum ( Hexenhammer / Witch Hammer ) that the Inquisition used for finding out which person does withcraft and who does not it is also mentioned. "If you find Angels Trumpet products in their house they have to be arrested and witch tests has to follow up" which meant torture until they confessed that they use witchcraft.

  10. This plant grown wild in Florida. I use to dry it out and smoke it with marijuana. If you smoke the leaves it doesn't get you high but mixed with the dried flowers of the angel trumpet it produces hallucinations.
    Confusion and visual effects. I had an encounter with police after a maintenance man called them on me. There had been burglaries in the area and tried to link me to them. I couldn't remember which building I lived in from the back. The apartments all looked the same. I was tripping but didn't feel like a zombie. This was one of a few times the police in Florida attempted to charge me with crimes I hadn't committed.
    Another time a cop came to my house and cuffed me for robbing a mini Mart. I was there on vacation.
    I beat that charge but was out $500 for a fine. I went back to my home state and took a reduced charge. I paid via computer and over the phone.
    Don't go out alone or just with one person at night in Florida. If any crime happens and you are in the area within a mile they will grab you and you have to prove your innocence. As they say "go to Florida on vacation, go home on probation'.
    I never tried an extraction of the plant only smoked the leaves with and without weed. The plant grew behind a strip mall of all places.
    I'll never go back to Florida because of how the police treated me.

  11. pretty sure that dude snorted a shitload of coke when he went to score the other shit (bought with their cash lol)

  12. having just finished watching the video "Living in the Sewers of Columbia" (uploaded by VICE also)… was it a good idea to flush that stuff down the toilet? 😵😱

  13. How irresponsible to flush it down the toilet at the end. Some poor rat's gonna give all his shit away and wonder what the fuck happened.

  14. Okay am gonna be honest I grew up in mexico in a hidden pueblo and I just realized my grandparents had a little gardens with this plant and never let us back there dude and now ik why wtf

    But why dont I remember anything cuz I forsure know i went back there a couple times took the flowers to play

  15. Also known as the stomach medicine in your cabinet or the plants that grow everywhere in Oklahoma I've seen at least. I've tried to "do this for fun" it's not

  16. best part is when the last guy reveals he's the actual Jonh Wick. He was trying to leave the game but got brought back in and cleared the people who wronged him.

  17. SOOOOO CLEARLY THIS IS PART OF THE "HATIAN ZOMBIE" CONCOCTION…they blow this in their face after stealing them from the grave that the family buried them in because they had been poisoned with the puffer fish and other toxic chemicals from toxic animals to make them "APPEAR" dead!! Ummmmhuuuuhh! 🤔🤔🤔🤔 NO MORE RESEARCH NEEDED IN THE ZOMBIE DEPT ….UNLESS YOU WANT TO FIND OUT HOW MUCH YOU NEED OF EVERYTHING AND ORDER OF DISTRIBUTION TO THE VICTIM!💼🔓🔓
    THANK YOU!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. I was thinking oooh a crazy new drug, then I realized it is what is known in other parts of the world as Datura. It grows locally here in New Zealand. And no you dont become totally susceptible to suggestions, but yes it does f you up. Colombians geez idk drama queens.

  19. 3 lethal uses "to rob, study, kill. Haha judging by the guy that said that id say study would be his biggest nightmare!

  20. the scary thing also is – they can carry this sh.t through customs no problem, any detection dog starts to behave like a castrated couch cat after sniffing just the wrapper paper of a stash… so, pulverizing it on a plane would end up going into the pilot's cabin and next they would take their wads from the nostrils and direct the plane anywhere they'd want…

  21. They flushed it into the public water reclamation system??? Seriously? Were they ON DRUGS?
    Scopolamine is also an anti-nausea drug that comes in a small patch you wear behind your ear. I guess the folks in this video are getting it in MUCH higher doses…

  22. I've actually done this drug in the form of datura metel, It was straight insanity fir 3 days straight. Every time i closed my eye's i would see witches being burned at the stake, people being skinned and boiled alive, only to have locusts fly out of their bodies. With my eyes opened, the paint on my walls looked like it was peeling and cracks ran up the walls with centipedes and spider's coming out of them. I talked to people that weren't even there. I heard whispers all around me telling me horrible things, trying to get me to kill people. I smoked joints and cigarettes that didn't exist and they actually got me buzzed. I kept seeing demonic faces all over the walls and evil demonic entities having sex all over the house. The scariest part was ALL OF IT SEEMED 100% REAL, I couldn't tell hallucination's from reality. DATURA OR SCOPOLAMINE ARE DELIRIANTS, THEY WILL MAKE YOU TEMPORARILY OR EVEN PERMANENTLY SCHIZOPHRENIC I CANT STESS YOU GUYS ENOUGH, DONT DO THIS DRUG.

  23. In Germany its a common ornamental planting. Stupid children brew tea from the buds sometimes. Rumors say you will feel like a charakter of an Hieronymus Bosch painting!!

  24. Producers slip Ryan Scopolamine
    "Hey we need u to go to Columbia and find us the deadliest drug on earth n some murderers to interview"… 👌🏼

  25. I can't why does Colombia know what to do with these trees when it comes to drugging people. How about an HIV cure Colombia?

  26. Commonly used drug in hospitals…. never ever does half the things they claim when used. Think a little myth added to the facts.

  27. Not sure if they are being remiss or responsible for not mentioning that scopolamine has many medical uses and many sailors and cruisers depend upon the scop patch for motion sickness when on the water, and after surgery. I used to take scop capsules for a stomach condition years ago and it was a life saver. I wouldn't have been functional otherwise. However, these medicinal doses are really tiny (1 to a few mg) compared to what is probably used in abuse or by criminals. Even so, reports of short term withdrawal symptoms have been reported when people use the patch for several weeks while on vacation, so not without its problems, and it can have a lot of side effects. In the 60s/70s, Datura, which is the scientific plant name from which scopolamine is refined, was a legal psychedelic that was sometimes used by people wanting a more legal/obtainable/cheap high than LSD, etc. It was rumored to be a crap, dangerous high, though, like most legal "highs" (precisely why they are still legal!). Listen up, Kiddies.

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