Would you like to become a Clinical Psychologist?

if you come on to our program clearly you want to be clinical psychologist and that's that's your vocation and you would share that in common with all of us who work in the program so all of the faculty within our spoon of psychology and our clinical psychology training program team are all in this line of work because when we were in our 20s we wanted to become clinical psychologists so we've a huge investment in helping you to become the best clinical psychologist it's really common that's terribly rewarding for us candidates who train in our program go on to work in the health services and we have a hundred percent employment rate for graduates of our program it's run in partnership with colleagues in the health service so you spend some of your time when you're on the program with inside the university and some of the time out in placements supervised clinical practice all of our network of colleagues in who offers supervision in the clinic replacements are enthusiastic clinical psychologists many of them are graduates of our program they would share the commitment to the profession that all of us inside of the university have so I think that you find out enlivening you find out in reaching to be in to be in an environment where we're all committed we're all pointed in the same direction we're all committed to clinical psychology as a profession I think if you want to become a clinical psychologist you have to be passionate about the profession training is a relatively long road you've got your three or four years as an undergraduate probably a year as a master's in a master's program then probably a year of relevant clinical experience then three years of training in clinical psychology and a doctoral level program UCD is a great place to study first of all it's a beautiful campus and it's based a couple of miles outside central Dublin it's a lovely leafy campus and it's very very active there's tremendous facilities here for students the other thing is be living in Dublin and Dublin is a wonderful city to be in as a student you may finish your training here and then return to to North America or to wherever you've come from but you'll come back here and again again this is such a wonderful place to to hang out in what is the place to be think if you want to become a clinical psychologist and you're good if you're living outside of Ireland you're thinking I want to change the clinical psychology but I wanted to Train somewhere else or I think Ireland is a good place to come and I think our program is a particularly strong program we very committed group of academics and clinicians working on a program and our research has been widely published in the best academic journals so you can it's very apparent the kind of research that our staff are doing I guess the other thing is that our students who've come off the program have given positive feedback and said it's been an extraordinary life forming experience a formative experience training a clinical psychology UCD all of us were involved in clinical psychology training here are committed to the idea of enhancing the quality of life the people in wider society all of us are concerned with alleviating the suffering of other people that's why we got into this line of work and when we select people onto the course we're looking for people who are committed to that to to making a difference to society to improving society and making this place a better world to live in


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  2. Why is he whispering talking? can he talk regularly or do clinical psychologists all have to talk whisper for ever?

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