WoW Classic: First Aid Guide

I’ve covered how to easily level both your
Fishing and Cooking professions to 300, so now it’s time to cover your final Secondary
Profession. Hello everyone, my name is Icosiol and today I’m going to show you everything
you need to know about First Aid in Classic WoW. First Aid is one of your three Secondary Professions
that you can learn, and as such it does not count against taking your two Primary Professions.
First Aid allows players to craft bandages, and anti-venom to help quickly heal themselves
or others. This profession is pretty simple and straight forward, but there are some things
about it that aren’t immediately obvious, so in this guide we’re going to talk about
the following subjects. The most obvious benefit to First Aid is the
ability to quickly heal yourself and others with the use of bandages. Because of its quick
application it can greatly reduce the downtime in-between combat which will in turn allow
you to level, or progress through a dungeon or raid more efficiently. First Aid will also
benefit classes with healing spells by way of saving mana which in turn will lessen how
much water they consume between battles. Hunter and Warlock pets are also able to receive
the benefits of bandages and anti-venom being applied to them. In PvP scenarios bandages
are an absolute must have due to the ability to heal while still in combat leaving other
means such as Healing Potions still available. Unlike other professions characters below
level 35 will be able to raise their First Aid skill to 225 which allows them to use
the Heavy Runecloth Bandage. For those who are building a Twink for the lower levels
this is a must have item as most toons in those brackets tend not to have over 2000
health. To create bandages you will need to acquire
cloth which drops frequently from humanoid mobs. Bandages can be applied to one’s self,
or a targeted player or NPC within 15 yards. The bandage is immediately applied to the
target the moment you click the bandage, but must be channeled to its completion to receive
its full amount of healing potential. Once the bandage has been applied, the target will
receive the Recently Bandaged debuff which will not allow it to be bandaged again for
another 60 seconds. While a player is applying a bandage they must not move or jump, or the
channeling effect will be canceled. The target receiving the bandage however is free to move
around as long as they don’t leave that 15 yard range. It’s important to know that
both the player applying the bandage and the recipient will have their channeled healing
canceled should either take any damage. This damage can be in the form of a physical attack,
spell, or a currently active Damage over Time effect, and the Recently Bandaged debuff will
still be applied. Also available with First Aid is Anti-Venom,
and to create Anti-Venom you will need to find Venom Sacs. Anti-Venom comes in three
types with the first one being learned from a trainer when you have a First Aid skill
of 80. Strong Anti-Venom is not taught by any trainer and is instead a world drop. If
it’s not dropping for you, you will want to see if it’s being sold at the Auction
House. The strongest anti-venom is the Powerful Anti-Venom, but it will not be available until
Phase 3, and requires not only a skill of 300, but Honored reputation with the Argent
Dawn to purchase. The Argent Quatermasters selling the Powerful Anti-Venom can be found
here. The use of Anti-Venom is used as a consumable with a 60-second cooldown, and is incredibly
useful while leveling, and certain dungeon and raid encounters where poison effects are
applied. In PvP, anti-venom can be used to remove a Rogue’s Crippling Poison and more. To learn your Apprentice proficiency in First
Aid you will need to find a first aid trainer who is located in every major city, and a
few towns. These first aid trainers can also teach you your Journeyman proficiency as well
as many of your lower level bandages and anti-venom. After that it can get a bit confusing, so
let’s get started. Once you have trained in your First Aid apprenticeship
you will want to craft Linen Bandages to a skill of 40. When you have reached 40 you
need to go back to a trainer and learn the Heavy Linen Bandage. Craft the Heavy Linen
Bandage until you reach a skill of 50, and go to your trainer to learn the Journeyman
proficiency. Continue crafting Heavy Linen Bandages until you reach a skill of 80. Now
learn how to create the Wool Bandage from your trainer, and pick up Anti-Venom at your
discretion. Craft the Wool Bandage until you reach a skill of 115, and now learn the Heavy
Wool Bandage from your trainer. Continue to craft Heavy Wool Bandages until you reach
a skill of 125. Now that you have a skill of 125 it’s time
for you to purchase the Expert First Aid – Under Wraps, book. Alliance players will want to
find Deneb Walker located in Stromgarde Keep in Arathi Highlands, while Horde players want
to find Balai Lok’Wein at Brackenwall Village located in Dustwallow Marsh. Both of these
NPC’s also sell the Manual’s for the Heavy Silk Bandage and Mageweave Bandage, so you
can either purchase these now or wait until you absolutely need them. Now continue to
craft Heavy Wool Bandages until you reach a skill of 150. Go to a First Aid trainer
for the final time and learn how to craft the Silk Bandage. You will craft the Silk
Bandages until your skill reaches 180, so once that’s done learn how to make a Heavy
Silk Bandage from its manual. Craft the Heavy Silk Bandage until you reach a skill of 210
and then learn the Mageweave Bandage from its corresponding manual. You will craft Mageweave
Bandages until you reach a skill of 225. To learn your Artisan First Aid you need to
complete the Triage Quest which is available at level 35 with a First Aid skill of 225.
This quest is offered by, Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen in Theramore for the Alliance, and Doctor
Gregory Victor in Hammerfall for the Horde. You’re required to save 15 patients before
six patients die. If you fail it’s okay, because you can simply abandon the failed
quest and re-attempt it. You are given a Triage Bandage which must be used, so make sure you
put it on your action bar for quick access. Once you begin you will want to prioritize
the wounded in this order shown here. To help make it a bit easier you can go in to your
Interface Options and show the NPC health bars. Follow that priority and you will learn
your Artisan proficiency in no time. To get your First Aid to 300 you will now
continue to craft Mageweave Bandages until you reach a skill of 240. Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen
and Doctor Gregory Victor will be your First Aid trainers from here on out, so learn how
to make the Heavy Mageweave Bandage from them, and craft those until you reach a skill of
260. Go to the Doctors again to learn how to make the Runecloth Bandage, and craft those
until you reach a skill of 290. Visit those Doctors for the final time to learn to craft
the Heavy Runecloth Bandage, and make those until you reach 300. Congratulations on maxing
out your First Aid profession. Thank you very much for watching this guide
on the First Aid Profession. If you enjoyed this guide make Doctor’s VanHowzen and Victor
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to a drinking game for every time I said First Aid I guarantee you’ll need some real life
first aid.


  1. Thanks for the guide! It will help a lot.

    Always bugged me that they removed first aid in the latest expansion of modern wow. (A change no one asked for.)
    So it is fun seeing it again in Classic.

  2. Such a clean and compact guide, well done ! Could you do a mining guide next ? I feel like I keep hitting dead ends trying to skill it

  3. Suggestion: like with your other Guides, it would've been nice if you showed which areas have the highest drop rate of each Cloth type. Wool in particular is always the bottleneck of First Aid & Tailoring and while Wowhead shows you which specific NPC's drop it, there's always a premium "spot" to find the overall highest drop rate/hour.

  4. Started playing Classic again after quitting since Wrath, really appreciate these videos. I didn't realize quite how much I forgot between then and now.

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