WTF: Six Star Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars vs FreakEating Review

so how’s everybody doing today it’s time for a new episode of freaking review but since it’s December, I’m gonna get into the spirit of things here so i have today is breaking the rules it’s more of a health kind of thing a six-star protein bar chocolate peanut butter I’ve actually tried to do a review of this before but I filmed it with a camera that was out of focus so i never used the video I’ve eaten plenty of these actually they’re actually no big deal to me but I do think there’s a good deal because that walmart you get that’s like 96 step 20 grams of protein no trans fat and very low sugar there are some sugar alcohols in here so if you OD on these protein bars you’re probably going to be in the crapper for a while that’s a good word don’t overdose on artificial sugars and believe me i know with the chocolate peanut butter flavor cross-section it’s like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in bar form they’re pretty dry pull it grab fans of reese’s peanut butter cups really big fans of six star protein chocolate peanut butter bars well i guess i should have some drinker huh anyway good it doesn’t have like any of the medicine aftertaste that I associate with a lot of protein bars it’s made of way it’s not soy 290 calories which is pretty lean pretty low for opposing bar with 20 grams of protein the only due to the only company that makes bars that rival that calorie to protein like relationship its quest and i actually prefer quest bars to be used just because question makes so many so many flavors so many different textures me with six star what I’ve seen they really only seem to have the two bars at walmart and in this price range they quickly vanished star is a price is just bargain basement and 96 sense you can’t beat that and so to summarize it’s a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in bar form cost 96 sense has a hundred nine calories 20 grams of protein and we’ll use a little amount of artificial sugars so if you’re sensitive to fake sugar do not overdose on these bars if you have these bars and you have an opinion or an experience with them that’s positive or negative go ahead and you leave my you leave those thoughts and comments section below and if you enjoyed this video please click thumbs up until we meet again stay in school don’t do drugs and like a freak this is a highly recommended product now unfortunately it’s getting a little my hand


  1. at walmart there is a bar called fitcrunch. the birthday cake one is amazing. my wife likes the peanut butter one more

  2. You are very beardly today gj Santa Freakman! I got caught on protein bars being dry lol flavor sounds good.

  3. But did it really taste like a reeses? I'd find that hard to believe.

    I'm a fan of powerbar protein plus chocolate peanut butter. They sell them for a dollar at my local big lots.

  4. If u already eat protein powder regularly, it's prob much cheaper to make your own protein bars. Make a boatload for low cost.

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