WVU Medicine Children’s: Katie and Harlow Pritt

I’m very thankful for Dr. Mason and what he’s done for us. My name is Katie Pritt. This is Harlow Pritt. We recently had lip repair at the cleft clinic at WVU (Medicine) Children’s Hospital with Dr. Mason. WVU (Medicine) Children’s has been a blessing to us. She’s a very happy baby. She’s very curious. She’s usually looking at everybody or everything around her. In the case of Harlow, mom knew that Harlow was most likely going to be delivered with some type of clefting of either the lip, the palate or both. We met beforehand and then we discussed what we would do if the lip was evolved, as far as starting to model the lip in preparation for surgery, and then the surgeries that would happen in the first year to target whatever the challenge was that the baby was born with. When I met with Dr. Mason, immediately I felt very comfortable with him. He actually answered most of my questions before I even had to ask them. She did better than I did post-surgery. She’s very resilient. She was very strong. Once the anesthesia wore off and we came home the next day, she was completely fine. She acted completely normal and she has since then. A lot of these children and families were referred outside the state, because those services are not available. What I do is really rewarding and very, very interesting, for me personally, but I am not so naive as to say that I am the person that mediates the effect. It takes a team, it takes a collective of other practitioners, ancillary services and then infrastructure to support that type of intervention and care. That only comes truly in a free stander or in a children’s hospital environment. Our ability to evolve that kind of an entity here, for the state, is huge. I feel like WVU Medicine touches the entire state of West Virginia because the state of West Virginia needs more advancements and WVU has the ability to offer that. If it wasn’t for them, we would have to go out of state, three or four hours away. For families in West Virginia, it’s just not realistic to be able to do that. It would be nice to be able to have exactly what we need here in our home state.

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