‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Group Therapy Session | MTV After Hours w/ Josh Horowitz | MTV News

JOSH HOROWITZ: Alright guys,
thanks for being here. I feel like this is
an important first step, acknowledging you have a problem,
that’s really where it all begins. Who’s gonna begin? QUICKSILVER: Uh-uh. CYCLOPS: Yeah, I’ll go. My name’s Scott, and I’ll just say it: being in X-Men sucks. ALL: Hi Scott.
CYCLOPS: Hey. JOSH: Anybody here sympathize with
what Scott’s talking about? QUICKSILVER: Yeah,
I mean I hear you, man. Been around a little bit
longer than you, but these head games
that Professor X plays still really bother me. JOSH: Head games, you mean he’s pitting
you guys against each other? QUICKSILVER: No no no,
like he’s literally getting inside my head and, like, #*¢%ing around. CYCLOPS: Yeah, you know,
I’ll be dreaming about Jean and then all of a sudden there’s a clown
with his face, just tickling me. JOSH: You’re talking about—
it’s a dream, though, he’s not actually
in your room doing that. CYCLOPS: Well yeah, both. JOSH: Oh my god. STORM: Yes, he’s not a good
parental figure. JUBILEE: Says the girl
who looks up to a guy named Apocalypse? QUICKSILVER: Wait, can we talk
about parental figures? Because my dad is a total
#*¢%ing ass#*\@. JUBILEE: Well have you seen his helmet? I mean he’s clearly
compensating for something. QUICKSILVER: Okay, I can rip on my dad
because he’s my dad. Not you, you can’t rip on my dad. JOSH: Oh, that’s fine,
that’s good, that’s good progress. QUICKSILVER: It’s not fine. JOSH: All due respect,
Jubilee’s got perspective on this, too. JUBILEE: Yeah.
JOSH: So let’s just respect that. STORM: It’s valid.
JUBILEE: Thank you. JOSH: Okay,
maybe stop staring at her because that’s probably
off-putting for her. You guys good? QUICKSILVER: We’re good.
JUBILEE: Fine. QUICKSILVER: We’re good here.
JOSH: Okay, moving on— JUBILEE: Stop looking at me. JOSH: Storm, you had something
to say I feel like, right? STORM: Why is Mystique
naked all the time? Like, it’s a school,
there are children around. Put on some clothes!
I see your vagina! QUICKSILVER: You couldn’t even tell,
with all those scales. JUBILEE: So you’re gross,
just to point that out there. And I would like
to speak about our name: I don’t like it. JOSH: How’s that—
STORM: Yes, why is it X-Men? Why can’t it be X-People? QUICKSILVER: It just sounds better,
X-Men. CYCLOPS: You guys want to talk
about hair for a second? QUICKSILVER: What about my hair?
JUBILEE: It’s— all different kinds— CYCLOPS: No, Beast, Guys, it’s Beast.
He’s gotta go. I mean did you see what he did
to the shower drain last week? QUICKSILVER: [retches]
CYCLOPS: All the blue fur? JUBILEE: It was nasty.
STORM: It was bad. QUICKSILVER: Yeah that was bad. STORM: Honestly, I’m more bothered
by you and your girlfriend, though. QUICKSILVER: Oh my god,
you guys are making everyone sick. I saw what you were doing
in the Danger Room the other day, the floating 69 you guys were doing. CYCLOPS: Don’t you bring Jean into this. You know that’s not the problem
and you know that we were using protection. QUICKSILVER: I don’t see
any potential issues with Jean. Pfft, right?
STORM: [laughs] CYCLOPS: Okay, give it a rest
Anderson Cooper. QUICKSILVER: Oh that’s cute,
the hair, I get it, yeah. You know, just because
you’re wearing shades doesn’t make you cool. STORM: Ooo!
CYCLOPS: Okay Captain Goggles, well just because your name’s Quicksilver
doesn’t make you an Avenger. STORM: Oh! QUICKSILVER: You know,
legally I’m not able to respond to that. JOSH: Okay, okay,
that’s great, that’s great. Hey, no, I think emotion
is good in this situation. We made some progress, right?
Everybody feel good? QUICKSILVER: Oh I feel great.
CYCLOPS: I feel a lot better. JOSH: That’s awesome, man, congrats.
CYCLOPS: Oh, my glasses— QUICKSILVER: AHH $#!+!
ALL: [screaming in agony]


  1. Evan Peters looks like a mix of Peter Capaldi, Malcolm McDowell, Kirk Norcross, Tom Hardy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Harry Styles

  2. Is this really happened? It's feel like so hard to grasp, like I see fanfiction become real ^o^ I can't, I need these kind of moments. Please moreeee moreeeeee >_<

  3. "Legally, Im not able to respond to that." is the best comeback for anything. Dont know how to respond? Use these wise words spoken by our Evan Peters.

  4. Wow…ok, let me get this straight…the actors and actresses of American Horror Story, To All the Boys I've Ever Loved, and (Love, Simon) were ALL in ONE movie! *Squel😆😆😆

  5. Quicksilver is being a disrespectfull idiot in the sky Fiber comercial, in the therapy session and when he saved Moira in the exploding mansion scene.

  6. Lol!! Scott will be dreaming about Jean while Professor Xavior was staring into to his face!! Now Scott and Jean were having a sex floating 69 thing going on in the Danger Room. Rated R film. Deadpool kinda personality.

    Now they hate being X-Men. That's so cruel. The ending had to ruin everything. Lol!!!! 😂😂💕💞

  7. I know this is so late. But i wish they gave quicksilver a better wig. Seeing both of quicksilver and the guy with the red shades on lol, looking cheap there 🙁

  8. Can Evan Peters and Lana Condor make a movie together where they’re a bickering couple? I felt that chemistry there.

  9. Where is Angel? He probably has ptsd from his plane crash…
    (Edit: And I really want to see Ben Hardy😏)

  10. "Head games, you mean he's putting you guys against eachother?"

    "No, I mean he's literally getting inside my head and like… fuCkiN ArOUnd

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