Yale School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony, Class of 2021

family members alumni faculty staff and most importantly our newest students the class of 2021 welcome to the white coat ceremony I am Bob Alpern I'm the Dean of the medical school so it's important that the students when you see me as for the next four to five years don't say who are you parents and relatives I imagine you must be incredibly proud and so you should be today represents the culmination of decades of commitment on your part and on the part of our newest students students today is a momentous day in your evolution to become a physician dr. Darin Latimore will speak to you shortly on an important theme listen to your patient the road to becoming a successful physician but before his talk I want to take a few moments to comment on the Yale School of Medicine what it means to us and what you mean to us together you represent around 2% of those who applied for a seat in the class of 2021 one [Applause] 104 individuals with extraordinary academic and extra academic accomplishments 55 men and 49 women 86 MD students and 18 MD PhD students you're one of the most diverse and global classes we've had and I say this every year as we keep getting more diverse and more global but you graduated from 56 undergraduate colleges and 35 of you were born outside the United States representing countries of Canada China Colombia Gambia Great Britain Guatemala India Iran Korea Mexico Nigeria Pakistan Sweden Thailand turkey Ukraine and Zimbabwe the emotions of today are best captured by the comments of the Dean of Yale College which he made about I guess about 13 years ago to the entering class that my daughter was in and I was I always remembered his comments I consent today feelings of pride perhaps tinged with anxiety of excitement moderated by vulnerability and of the thrill of new places tempered by nostalgia for what one has left behind and these are just the feelings of your parents Yale School of Medicine is a unique medical school it combines the excellence of outstanding faculty with remarkable students and a tradition that dates back over 200 years in 2010 we celebrated the school's Bicentennial in 2012 Brian kobilka a ysm alum was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2013 Jim Rothman chair of our department of cell biology was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine in 2015 Beck Murph Murphy an alumnus of our school was one in a Surgeon General of the United States leus last year five of our young investigators were named as Howard used Medical Institute faculty scholars to recognize the best young biomedical researchers in the country Yale tied with only one other school for the highest number of awardees from a medical school and there are many other stories of success Yale University awarded the first medical degree in the United States in 1723 now we were not the first Medical School but we were able to award the first medical degree and that was made possible by the fact that Yale could award a medical degree 87 years before it had a medical school there are only some universities that would be that presumptuous since Yale Medical School was established in 1810 the names of those who have walked these halls are astonishing and now you will walk these halls many of you are probably wondering how did I get into Yale do I belong in the same place that has educated so many of the greatest minds in medicine those who define the discipline of medicine as we now know it and I can assure you the answer is a resounding yes I want to assure you that your admission to Yale was not a careless error but an acknowledgement of all that you have accomplished and all that we know you will accomplish in the future the Yale system is unique among medical schools you will not receive grades during the preclinical years nor will you be ranked so why is that were we trying to make it easier for you no the answer is that we expect greater things from you than grades could ever end in gender we expect you to become a leader in the medical world of tomorrow and you're probably thinking not me because I remember when I was sitting where you are but you will be surprised we know your intelligence and we know you're committed to excellence and that you will not need grades as an inducement to greatness it is our hope that you will seize this opportunity to develop into an outstanding physician a critical thinker who learns what he or he needs to know but is not content with just that you will establish new understandings of disease processes new approaches to patient care and new paradigms for the practice of medicine some of you will do this as practicing physicians some as academics focused on research clinical medicine or education some through health policy and others through involvement in industry we have enormous confidence in you you're surrounded by outstanding classmates but you should not see them as competition rather as part of a team that's working I said I thought this was going to happen as part of a team working together we'll ensure that the world is a better place because Yale School of Medicine had a class of 2021 if we do our jobs and you do yours years from now students will walk the halls wondering if they belong in the same institution that graduated the class of 2021 thank better watch out for that day so our speaker today is dr. Darin Latimore who I'd like to introduce now Darin received his BA from the University of California Berkeley in 1988 and in 1994 developed his earned his MD from UC Davis he then trained in internal medicine primary care at UC Davis in 1997 joined the Permanente Medical Group in Sacramento and in 2008 joined the faculty at UC Davis where he rose to professor and associate residency program director he was also the director of medical student diversity then he became assistant dean for student and resident diversity and then associate dean for student and resident diversity in 2017 we were very lucky to recruit him to Yale as the deputy dean for diversity and inclusion he's won a number of awards and honors in his career and I can't name all of them but in 2013 he received the Chancellor's Achievement Award for diversity and community engagement in 2015 the deans Excellence Award for outstanding contributions to the mission of community engagement and in 2016 the American College of Physicians awarded him the an advocate for internal medicine award dr. Latimore's topic today as I said is listen to your patient the road to becoming a successful physician that class of 2021 has a nice ring to it doesn't it I want to start by congratulating you I know first hand as a pre-med student I often ask the question are my grades good enough this is before I got in and then beat myself up if I could just eat out a few more points on that MCAT we know that you worked hard we know that you've sacrificed a lot we know you deserve to be here now I ask you breathe out a sigh of relief you've done it you have proven to be the best of the best you are Yale School of Medicine students family members let's congratulate them students now it is time for you to acknowledge your families for none of you have done this alone all of us stand on the shoulder of those who love us in reality we don't only honor you but we honor your families today students please turn look at your families and from the depth of your heart say thank you I have a little confession when I was in your seat at my white coat ceremony I tried to look confident but down deep I was scared to death hadn't taken a single class yet and I was already worried about who I was going to harm I looked around and all my classmates they look so intelligent as if I know what that looks like so confident so put together if any of you are feeling the same way as the Dean said no mistake has been made you have been chosen for a reason and as I said is because you are the best of the best now this is not to say that some of you won't have stumbles while you're in medical school we're all human for some of you it may be a personal issue that derails you for others it could be a class that for whatever the reason you just cannot pull it together no matter how hard you try I ask you when you feel these feelings and you all will at some point listen and reach out you are part of the Yale family now you have met many students many staff and many faculty and we are all here for one reason and that is to make sure that you are successful but you have to let us know if you need us in a moment you're going to get your white coat my first white coat symbolized many things it symbolized I had joined the family of medicine it also symbolized that I had made it exactly where I'm not sure unfortunately it was all about me I ask each of you to look at your white coat differently than I did I ask you each and every time you put your white coat on you remember it is no longer about you it is about your patient and that I hope is what the coat symbolizes to you as first years even before you've learned any medicine you will actually be an important part of the team you more than anyone else on the team will have time to sit down and listen to your patient listen to their fears listen to their hopes listen to their values I know many of you sit back and say oh this is just a waste of time I'm not being helpful but nothing further from the truth from your patients perspective you as the most junior person on the team will have just as much value as I as the faculty member and why because you took the time to listen as you go through this career as you actually take on more and more patient responsibilities remember the value of listening and the skill of listening to your patients and by the way I don't mean the 23 seconds that faculty actually listen before we interrupt yes it's been studied be a true listener don't allow the labs to become the priority or the radiology results or that electronic medical record in front of you don't minimize your patient to a disease also said he who studies medicine without a book cells uncharted see he who studies medicine without patients has no see humility as you start down this path becoming a physician remain humble I've made the mistake more than once of being the all-knowing physician thinking to myself oh that patient doesn't know what they're talking about I am the doctor I'll tell them what's wrong with them never forget who's living with the symptoms who's living with the pain who is living with the abnormality it is not you or me it is our patient and yes you may have more education yes you may have learned by that point doctor talk but do not allow this to discount the value of the experiences of your patients none of us know everything matter of fact when we are most certain in our knowledge is when we should pause and ask the question are we sure to stop listening is to stop learning medicine the last words of advice I have for you today is don't forget why you came to medical school my grandfather used to say no matter where you think you're going no matter where you think you are don't forget where you came from I say this to you because medicine is a journey many of you will feel that you're losing yourself as you go down the path others of you will feel the culture of Medicine is in direct conflict with the culture and value that you are taught as a child do we have a lot to teach you in medicine absolutely should you allow us to change you know think back remember on the rough days that personal statement why do I want to be a doctor for some of you it was to create new knowledge for some of you it was medicine will be my platform to change and justices in this world that would be mean for others of us it's because we feel the most vulnerable and medically disenfranchised deserve compassionate high quality care whatever the reason is for you don't forget it because that is going to carry you on the tough days that isn't going to make you this doctor that you will become I will end where I began class of 2021 we are truly humbled that you include coming we are truly humbled that you have chosen a Yale family together we will learn a lot of Medicine and together we look forward to improving the lives of the patients that depends on us thank you [Applause] so we are now ready to present the white coats as a general policy Yale has presented white coats to those to whom the medical school has offered acceptance however today we are going to make an exception Richard Silverman has been the director of admissions since 1999 I think all of you got to meet him driving an admissions process that has led year after year to the selection of outstanding students unfortunately for Yale Richard has decided to retire and this will be his last white coat ceremony so some interesting statistics which were put together for me over the course of his time at Yale and I don't know how they know all this but Richard met with 15,000 and nine applicants who came to Yale for admission for interviews held 1256 morning orientation meetings for these applicants has participated in 674 admissions committee meetings resulting in admission of 1927 students he's extraordinarily competent extremely kind and in the words of one interviewee who said one of the best you'll ever meet everyone else can go home there's no competition [Applause] richard has dedicated his life to Yale School of Medicine and today we would like to honor him with an honorary white coat that we will we will we will monogram the white coat with his name and with the Yale School of Medicine shield so he will always remember us so once again please join me in fact yeah that yes okay thank you Richard actually sends me a lot of the script before but this was not in the script he said it's now time to present the white coat to those who actually got into the medical school so joining me on stage to present the white coats are dr. Richard Valesky deputy dean for Education dr. Darin Latimore who you've met deputy dean for diversity and inclusion dr. nancy angle associate dean for student affairs nancy is an alum of the school who graduated in 1990 dr. Barbara Kazmir Zach director of the MD ph.d program dr. John Forrest director of the office of student research and dr. Laura mint associate dean for admissions and financial aid who chaired the committee that selected you all and I know that you think she has great judgment building on a tradition that started with the bicentennial celebration in 2010 Harold Mancuso Ungaro a member of the class of 1973 and president of the Association of Yale alumni and medicine and Richard Kane a member of the class of 1976 and past president of the Association of Yale alumni and medicine will join us on stage to present stethoscopes to each new student the awarding of these stethoscopes is sponsored by our generous alumni who want to welcome you to their favorite medical school and now the newly white-coated Director of Admissions Richard Silverman will call you to their stage to receive your white coats and stethoscope yeah they're going to be videotaped video you can see the cam so the names are going to be called in alphabetical order and and I think everything else will follow will follow in a very uncomplicated way are we are we are we all set okay we're going to start we're going to start with Zoe Adams from Vassar College can everybody hear okay okay Osama Ahmed from the University of Pennsylvania Charu Chia huija from Duke University Miguel al-jawhara from the University of Texas El Paso Johanna Ando from Yale University Jonathan Avery from Oregon State University [Applause] Victoria Bartlett from Harvard University Alisa bearson from Duke University [Applause] shaman Bhullar from University of California Berkeley Lynette Bosque Nieves from University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez julian campitos Luna from University of Washington – Emily Chang from Harvard University so theater Anya from Princeton University Rachel Choi from Princeton University who odd to Airy from Cornell University Christopher Chou from Yale University Violetta Contreras Ramirez from City University of New York City College June Christiani from from Harvard University [Applause] Christina deforms new veil from Yale University Christopher ducek from Arizona State University Calvin Fang from Cornell University entering the MD ph.d program Alborz fuzzy from University of California Los Angeles entering the MD ph.d program Elizabeth pit Sousa from Tulane University Isaac Friedman from University of Pittsburgh Marina Gaia from Cornell University Jean Jack Gagne from Columbia University on new gal advance from University of California Los Angeles Sophia Gamez from Columbia University Lucy gal from University of Pennsylvania Stephen Gaskin Ian from Duke University [Applause] Elsie Gonzales Furtado from University of California Riverside enter entering the MD ph.d program Justin Goodwin from University of Texas Dallas entering the MD ph.d program [Applause] Jakob green from York University [Applause] Mary Elizabeth Guerra from University of Texas Austin Justin Halloran from Dartmouth College Daniel Hudson from Swarthmore College young in Hong from City University of New York Hunter College [Applause] Julian Wong from Harvard University Brandon Hubbard from Oklahoma State University entering the MD ph.d program [Applause] Joshua Hyman from Harvard University Syed is rege from University of Western Ontario [Applause] Gillian Jacobs from Carnegie Mellon University entering the md/phd programs Alexandra drawn from Princeton University prereq Jew Tommy from University of california-berkeley Krrish Kareem Quebec from University of Chicago Suman ket Paul from University of Pennsylvania [Applause] amber Lauren King from Washington University in st. Louis [Applause] jonathan klein from university of california-davis entering the MD ph.d program Valentina cost you from City University of New York Hunter College [Applause] Audrey leisure from Johns Hopkins University Allen Leigh from DePaul University June we Aiden Lee from University of California Berkeley [Applause] Megan Lee from Vanderbilt University Victor Lee from University of Toronto dan Lee from Harvard University entering the MD ph.d program Jesse Lee from Yale University Kingston Lin from University of Pennsylvania entering the MD ph.d program [Applause] Angela's you from Yale University Kevin Liu from Columbia University [Applause] Patrick Liu from Harvard University paulina Luna from University of Notre Dame AnnaLynne from University of Kansas entering the MD ph.d program Anthony MA from Stanford University Matthew magic from Saint Louis University [Applause] Hadrian Mendoza from Georgia State University [Applause] Michael merci air from Vanderbilt University Albert Metz from Cornell University James knee from Stanford University housing Niles from Brown University David August odds livesin from Dartmouth College Robert Palmer from University of Southern California Connor Peck from Brigham Young University [Applause] David peppra from Harvard University Karen Keon from Rice University Max Raulerson from Yale University [Applause] Nancy Roos car from McMaster University Nadia Saeed from Brown University Adam Saul strim from Concordia College [Applause] yaha D salah from Wittenberg University [Applause] Amina solemn from the University of Chicago Nilsa valia from Washington University in st. Louis entering the MD ph.d program Michael Chang from Washington University in st. Louis Tyler Shelby from Pittsburg State University entering the MD ph.d program cosmos sub indi from Columbia University Aaron Silva from Bowdoin College Julia Silva from University of California Los Angeles entering the MD ph.d program Benjamin stirrin from Vanderbilt University Shobhana Superman Ian from Duke University Ronan Kowski from Northeastern University entering the MD ph.d program [Applause] Amy Thomas from University of California San Diego Zenit Oh Robbie from University of Southern California Wendelin towers from Wellesley College Stephanie – from University of california-irvine kolecki Umaga from Cornell University Lena Valle of balamani from Stanford University Marcus Val car say aspirin from University of North Carolina Rebecca Vergara Greenough from Johns Hopkins University Elizabeth Liu from University of Chicago entering the MD ph.d program Lucia you from Cornell University Kristen you from Dartmouth College San Juan Yoon from Duke University entering the MD ph.d program so ADA Miriam is Ichabod from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology entering the MD ph.d program Melanie Zheng from University of Maryland Amanda's out from University of Southern California and that's it Amanda is number 104 so the last part of the ceremony is the reading of the human relations code of conduct which Nancy Ann Goff will take upon so earlier today we discussed with the new class the Yale system and some of the responsibilities that go along with it and now we're going to read the human relations code of conduct it's in your it's in your brochure I invite you to follow along as I read it Yale School of Medicine is committed to the promotion of personal and professional development of all individuals in its community and encourages dialogue that will foster the growth well-being and dignity of all its members in pursuit of these goals the school is dedicated to maintaining an environment that places the highest priority on collegial relationships mutual respect and sensitivity among its students faculty staff and patients an educational community functions best when there is civility and respect for the dignity and worth of each individual it must be ensured that our school is free from discrimination and acts of intolerance such as those based on race gender sexual orientation religion national origin ancestry age or physical handicap this commitment remains consonant with the obligation to protect open and wide-ranging public discourse the principle of freedom of expression that might otherwise protect even the most offensive public speech does not protect nor does it even encompass a right to threaten the dignity and privacy of an individual such personally directed behavior will not be tolerated it is antithetical to academic values debilitates its victims compromises the offenders and undermines the university's fundamental commitment to individual freedom and respect for all its members furthermore acts of intolerance may destroy the very atmosphere wherein freedom of expression is otherwise tolerated and cherished so this concludes the white coat ceremony and the this ceremony really serves two purposes the first purpose is to welcome you to the Medical School and to begin your transition to a physician and the second purpose is that it's a dress rehearsal for graduation so I hope you figured out what you did and I'm told before I close to remind the students that they need to go to the front of the medical school for a class picture and then with that congratulations to the class of 2021 you

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