Yaron Answers: What's Wrong With Free Health Care?

there is no such thing as free health care there's no such thing as free health care somebody pays the doctors somebody has to build the hospital's somebody has to innovate when it comes to procedures and tools and all of these things have costs they all cost money the question fundamentally is who is going to pay for them so one school of thought is and this is the so-called free healthcare school of thought is that individual people out there shouldn't pay for their actual health care but they should just get it from the government but then it's not free the government's paying for it now who funds the government we all do so all free health care is is its health care that is paid for through other people's taxes it's paid for with other people's money and that's just not right so you have to confiscate my money in order to give you health care that you don't pay for why is that okay I don't want to pay for you health care why can't you pay for your health care so you're basically using a confiscatory model in order to provide a service you know why shouldn't food be free why shouldn't clothing before you everything could be free and you could just keep confiscating my money in order to feed yourself and close yourself and give yourself health care there's nothing unique there's nothing different here about health care now you might say yeah but if you buy insurance it's the same thing you know well you know I know if if if you have insurance you don't actually pay for your hospital to stay stay the insurance company does yeah but there's a huge difference everybody participating with you in the insurance plan is doing so fall and Tara Lee the insurance company has to provide a package that is appealing to you otherwise you don't participate in addition the insurance company has to actually make some money off of this so that it is trying to make sure that on average everybody actually pays into their insurance the same amount they will take out now because it's an insurance pool it doesn't actually happen equally you don't not everybody pays in and gets exactly the same amount out first of all the insurance company makes a profit so yet you put in more but secondly some people might be sicker than others but that's something we all agree in an advance that's okay but we agree to individually not buy some pseudo mystical social contract but each one of us actually gets a contract and we say Donna and I got a pool our risks and we are both recognized what those risks are we recognize the upside we recognize the downside and we have agreed to do this right and of course two people can't really pull risk it's not enough people so we need to convince another hundred thousand but it's all voluntary so that's not free health care we're all paying for it but you don't actually pay when you go into the hospital insurance company pays for so the essential difference is this once compulsory and therefore forces doctors to accept what the government says they should get forces nurses to get what the government says this you get forces hospitals to only get what the government said it should get because the government is the only buyer it forces everybody pays taxes to pay into a system forces them to pay into a system that then distributes health care dollars based on some bureaucrats decision not based on you know a voluntary decision but again based on the government forcing these ideas down on you so it's a system of compulsion from beginning to end and you know one other aspect of a system of compulsion is that it's just a little quality it falls apart it doesn't look all systems of compulsion eliminate innovation this is why with a little bit of freedom in the United States we have over 75 percent of all medical innovation in this country it eliminates choices this is why if you go to European countries you have very few choices in terms of who will take care of you it eliminates the ability to get medical treatment fast in emergencies this is why in many European countries you stand in line compulsion destroys voluntary transactions a win-win you when the insurance company wins the doctor sets his own fee if it's too high he's just not gonna get business if it's too low you know you won't make enough profit he sets it based on supply and demand based on demand for his particular skills his skills have to match up with his patients he has to have good bedside manner although you know it just works like any other business arrangements it's good for everybody it's a win-win situation so why move from a win-win situation which is freedom to a lose-lose situation which is government-run health care and government let's not confuse these things government-run health care is the only form of so-called free health care there is no such thing as free anything maybe one of the best things Milton Friedman ever said was there's no such thing as a free lunch a very simple concept somebody's paying for it it's just a question of who


  1. It is an Ayn Rand representative, extreme right.
    Representative of the richest
    He would be blue in the face if he tells tells anything truth
    Of cause it is stupid with free Health Care,
    because then the rich don`t get all the money.

    In US the Private drives up the cost.
    You pay the double of what the rest of the world pay,
    and even then they are not covering all the people.
    And those who are covered is not covered full.
    US really sucks in Health Care

  2. Yes, let's skip the government, and also lets skip the bosses of the insurance companies and instill democratic workplaces, and then you won't have to do pay for some exploitative duche to get rich.

  3. I don't want to pay for roads any more. Or the fire department. Or the police. Or schools. Or the military.

  4. Our Health Care system discourages entrepreneurship. I've seen it. Whether it's the government collective running it or the insurance collective. The choices we currently have are far from Ayn Rand's desire for men to reach their full potential.

  5. i as a european can go to america and get a treatment. all i need is an insane amount of money any american would need. what americans dont get, if we need we can use their healthcare if it is something serious. they are screwed even if it is not serious at all, an everyday accident can screw you for years. you cant fly to europe if needed so often. we can if it is something serious as such things simply dont happen often. we also still have the option of not having to pay so much if we cannot. we can go into debt but dont have to, AMERICANS MUST GO INTO DEBT UNLESS THEY SHIT MONEY. simple as that.

  6. Why is American health care so expensive ? Self described world parasite explains why / last 2 minutes of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbTEzhaXZ3w

  7. The government already confiscates your money to drop bombs on people and fund mass surveillance, dumbshit. Which would you rather have? Bombs, or health?

  8. Every conservative needs to look into the eyes of death before they should be allowed to vote or breed. This is life under the free market when you're poor. Enjoy https://youtu.be/T8n8eardOGk

  9. Apparently, according to the idiot Alchemy5150 and the moron Yaron Brook the tired old Marxist arguments that say you should pay for police, public highway, and the military out of your taxes are entirely invalid.
    Taxes buy civilization. If you want to be an anarchist an aversion to paying taxes makes sense. If you want the police to arrest the entrepreneurial mugger that just took your wallet or sold you contaminated food you MUST pay taxes. These right wing idiots understand nothing.

  10. Sometimes you think that you live in your own world without much contact with the rest of the world, sorry, but lately I have heard so much nonsense from you.

    It is nice that you do not want the same systems as us, but do not say falsehoods and that it does not work, if we do not, we would not be so happy with it

  11. Keep up a lot of claims, including 75% being developed in the United States.

    Here in Denmark we have free choice of hospital and so on, so there is free competition and I could stay with your alleged waiting lists too, but it would fill too much here to disprove it all, where do you get all that from

  12. Here in Denmark there is broad consensus among politicians and the population that our healthcare system we do not want to get rid of, we are very happy with ongoing adjustments

  13. I do not understand your arguments at all, public healthcare paid over the tax can then be compared to insurance just without the insurance companies' earnings.

    It has turned out to be both cheaper and better, which is why many countries have introduced it

  14. So I just want to say that in the end it's a moral question; are you willing to let people die/become bankrupt just because they happen to have a disease?

    Sure the current system is better for rich people, government paid is better for poor people. So it's a choice; do you value more your own money, or your fellow citizens life/health?

  15. the cost model is broke; by failing to give proper care I became disabled and YOU are paying for me for the rest of my life…. haha. All I needed was the right Dx! and I'm drawing pay and still don't get the right Dx. Keep those checks coming. Thank you!

  16. The first point is the term "healthcare" usually means medical treatments and institutionalization.

    I use the term healthcare for having a diet that promotes physical and mental well-being, not taking injurious substances like alcohol, tobacco, smoking, and drugs, proper exercise, sufficient sleep, sufficient clean water, proper work and play, handling my problems rationally, ethically, and morally, and being sufficiently careful to avoid accidents.

    Medical treatments and institutionalization do not insure health or physical and mental well-being.

    I look to the day when people use words accurately, and instead of calling medical treatments and institutionalization healthcare, calling it what it is, medical treatments and institutionalization.

  17. 1.how much money per year does this man earn? Well above
    2. I grew up with wealth But the GREED this man is expounding “why should I have to pay for someone else”
    3. It’s like that old idiot bill O Reilly “why should I have to pay more taxes”. ummm let’s see
    Because your earn 80 mill a year your greedy pig!
    Share it’s the right thing to do !
    And we can afford it !,,
    Who among us with a shred of common decency would not be in favour of this system
    I live in one of the truly greatest countries in the world CANADA 🇨🇦
    I love our healthcare system and nobody loses their life savings and home because they got sick

  18. I don’t have a problem with paying other people’s hospital bills. You’re talking about this like we who live in these countries don’t know how the system works. Everyone should have the right to healthcare and education. But you’re off course right to your opinion.

  19. There is no such thing as free Healthcare

    Which i and other Liberals already know that is why Healthcare would be paid for via taxation and to make the argument that Healthcare is free would be a strawman. What i (and maybe Liberals but i will have to check) mean is that there would be no Insurance premiums or costs from Hospitals if you get sick as that would be covered by Medicare for all (at least a majority of the cost if not all would be).

    Who is gonna pay for it

    This question is one that does not come up when we refer to the Military or Foreign aid as those are always put on the credit card however cuts to our Military, Foreign aid, Government bailouts of companies and tax cuts and breaks. Increased taxes on the rich such as elimination of loopholes which help to avoid paying them and a slightly higher tax on everyone else which would save them money due to the lack of need to buy Health Insurance.

    People should not pay for their Healthcare but get it from the Government

    If you pay taxes you are paying for Healthcare but it is not what People consider a Private tax or expense (meaning you will not pay 100 plus dollars a month but the costs is taken out of your taxes).

    You have to confisicate my money in order to give you Healthcare you don't pay for

    I pay taxes thereby i pay Healthcare however with Insurance companies you would be paying the company to provide other People with care as that is the nature of Insurance (meaning your money is going to other People's Healthcare). However your argument does have dark implications as sick Children or those who cannot work cannot pay into care and you would gripe about them taking your money to pay for their care (even when i and other Liberals are fine with it).

    Why shouldn't food and clothing be free

    The thing here you don't need the best food or clothing to survive. In Medicine i need to the Surgeon to know what he is doing, i need drugs that actually work, i need alot more then just some edible bread or some cheap clothes and we do have programs (we as in the Government of the United States) to cover People's food expense and it does what i stated (meaning i cannot generally buy unneeded or expensive food with it).

    There is nothing you need or something different about Healthcare

    Healthcare affects my life and my ability to work and produce thereby i do need Healthcare. If i need a surgery and don't get it i will die and dead men can't pay no more taxes nor can they support a company, or help the economy.

    Insurance is voluntary

    Not really as it is a real need to have and when you made the video it was either mandatory or about to be mandatory.

    It forces People to pay into a system

    We are already forced to pay for the Military and other things thereby what is the problem with the Healthcare system?

    The Doctor sets his own fee if it is too high he won't get Business

    This is your fantasy as the Hospitals can still charge their prices yet they will get Business just on the basis of that People have emergencies. If i have a heart attack and need to go to the Hospital i need to go to the quickest one i can get too regardless of price to the urgent situation thereby the Hospital can jack up my rate because i will get the bill when i leave. And in that case i could not choose a Hospital because my heart would have stopped and i would be on the ground (making it the decision of the Government which Hospital i would go to).

  20. Red pill alert! "In 2010, journalist and former media rep for the Ayn Rand Institute Scott McConnell compiled an oral history of Rand in which Evva Pryor, who worked as a consultant to the law firm that represented Rand, admitted to helping the aging author and her husband apply for and receive Social Security benefits in the mid-1970s."

  21. Privatizing services pushes to reduce costs by competing for services and the better price and service wins. Total government control tells what you will pay and what services you receive. I promise you that as other countries bring in all these illegal immigrants who do not pay taxes.. your services and healthcare will dry up and you will have none. (you have been warned)

  22. Individualism is the problem here. Everyone is greedy for their own money. Why can't we have empathy for every citizen as a collective? Humanity hasn't survived this long because we were the fastest or the strongest but because we worked together and for each other. We need to stop caring about "omg they're taking my money" and start caring about "omg this person can be useful for society, they deserve this healthcare but can't afford it, I'll HELP them."

  23. Shouldn't have free health care. Then get rid of Medicare. It is HEAVILY subsidized by all workers. And considered a benefit by all the elderly. Even the conservative ones.

  24. No one is advocating for "free" healthcare, the advocation is instead that the government, an entity chosen and run by the people, should be in charge of their health, instead of corporations who are for profit, and that no one should go bankrupt if they fall or have an accident or get a horrible disease.

    I find it funny how universal or single payer healthcare is where you guys draw the line for socialism. The government already controls the military, education, and infrastructure, but add healthcare and its suddenly socialism.

    Amazing how much impact the brainwashing on this issue has had.

  25. what's wrong with free healthcare is that the thieving billionaire class want to steal from everyone else and made it so that no one can steal back from them.

  26. If your against a single payer system I demand you simply state your truth. That others less fortunate than yourself deserve to die. Admit yours is a pathos of greed and death, because if you had your way those 40+ million Americans without insurance should just die. Just admit it.

  27. "Do no harm." A tenet of the Hippocratic oath that every doctor adheres to. Neglect of a patient for finanical reasons is doing harm. Difference between French doctors and American doctors? The first got into medicine to help people, the latter to make insane amounts of money. Disgusting how much my fellow Americans moral fiber has degraded in the name of greed and self absorption.

  28. Well if you think that his line of argumentation had any merit, you also should be against any other sort of insurance! You pay in order to get services in case that you need it. Large risks (like getting cancer) are made managable by spreading the costs.

  29. Compulsory vs non compulsory argument makes sense when the market truly is non compulsory. Hospitals and doctors are providing services to individuals without insurance, in many cases legally obligated to.

  30. The argument he has is very weak. The state takes the same role as the insurance company, therefore it is similar system. The difference is that economically weak groups have the opportunity to receive medical care.
    If it will be eligible, what will be financed by state, nobody will come across, and everything is voluntary to participate, you can as well privatize the military, police and fire brigade.
    Many countries are satisfied with state-financed healthcare. There is nothing wrong with the system, just another way of thinking.
    Proper freedom is found in nature. Darwin called it "the survival of the fittest". Nature is cruel and unfair.

  31. Severe sickness is never voluntary and receiving medical care is compulsory. Taxpayers already pay for the uninsured and always will.

  32. Why is it a bad thing to pay tax that secures everyone a good healthcare, but totally okay to pay the same amount in a heath-insurance so the director in the insurance-company gets a fat bonus….???
    We have state paid healthcare here in Norway, and what he says is just bullshit….
    We gets help when we needs it.

  33. Making a profit from illness is immoral but trying to tell an idiot like this is pointless. Healthcare must be universal anything else makes no sense, especially when you see the corruption within private healthcare. This clown tries to dress private healthcare as freedom but private healthcare is merely some elite trying to profit from the misery of others. The Capitalists hate Socialised industry as it poses a threat to their greed, excepting industries like the military where they happily invade sovereign nations like Iraq , soldiers and civilians alike die but the capitalists still make money and in Ayn Rands twisted mind this is right.

  34. Hahaha this is a joke. Sure it works, you can get more money from the richer less from the poorer. The state is for the people and no health is not business everyone should have the right to be treated. Its just that in america is an individualistic sysyem and not a popular one. People are the same and rich and poor are no different. So for example a student will not get treated for let's say cancer just because his insurance is too low?! You are kidding right? Pharmacy and Medicine should not be focused on business so much because they are missing on the purpose they were made on the first hand.

  35. This video is bullshit. These "other people" rent collectors and capitalists who don't do a lick of work in their whole life. The people who talk like this guy are all non working class. We do not agree that you should not have a social conscience and that our government should not help us have that conscience. This man is a paid ass and his advice is pure crap.

  36. A healthcare system that treats everyone for "free" is just easier and more economical in the long run, our healthcare system in Denmark are second to No. But our taxes are High like 40% income taxes

  37. I'm an Italian doctor. Please, don't aim for the public health care. It's a disaster from beginning to end. Of course trying to improve the private system is good but public health care is not the answer. It would be the beginning of a nightmare.

  38. Lower income folks who want others to pay for their their health care are in a way doing the Ayn Rand style of living, in that they are selfishly looking out for themselves and not caring about how to give back to the community. The difference is that they are stepping on ability of others to take care of themselves, and that is not what Ayn Rand taught. Am I correct on that? I have an interest in Ayn Rand but know so little about her, so I'm trying to figure her out. =)

  39. Wow, I love these people at ARI– lol Anyone associated with Ayn Rand can be easily dismissed as a moron these arguments are so weak. And have 0, ZERO, economic understanding. This guy sounds like 3rd grader.

    Wow, the stupidity.

    LMAO "Everyone actually pays into their insurance the same amount they will take out." LMAO, LMAO, what a moron, have you ever seen a commercial for insurance? Have you ever seen a building for insurance? All of that is effort away from health care, to other industries…

    So what you are saying, is that by purchasing health insurance I am compelled to support the commercials and building of health insurance companies– that is theft from my pocket on dollars that should be used on health care… not on advertisements or increaing the insurance companies comfort or profits. I don't care about them.

    This should be obvious, the INSURANCE CO IS THE THIRD PARTY! They have worse incentives than the government because they are skimming off the top– by design– of a for profit entity. You morons, this is so obvious!

    Which is better given the bridge exists? A free bridge or a toll bridge? What is your basic metric for knowing even, if you don't have a metric like transaction velocity? Go read a book on Keynes and become an adult.

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