Yoga Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

so if you're looking to just you know calm the mind it's really great to turn the cell phone off maybe light a candle or dim the lights and just keep all the distractions out of the way just for 5-10 minutes that's all you need you close the eyes and just breathe basically and you can count the breaths maybe five and the inhale and five on the exhale another great way to think of this is to really concentrate on where the breath is moving in your body so start maybe with the belly so you start to fill the value of the breath and then the breath moves into the ribcage you can feel your ribcage expanding outward and up and then you feel the breath all of it coming up to the sternum and once you feel it there then you really back on the way out so again sitting cross leg bring your arms your hands to your knees relaxing the neck any time you get tension in your face you're not doing the calming which is defeating the purpose right so never get number you don't want to have too much breath just enough where you're still relaxed so on an inhale breathing first filling up the belly and the chest then sternum and then exhaling out and counting five on the inhale five on the exhale I think doing that for five minutes and you feel like you're recharged and ready to go

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