Young people give their tips for tackling anxiety

one of the ways that you manage your anxiety imagine my anxiety a lot of the time it's me happy to talk to myself and being like you need to balance things out you need to take a break so f f/a myself getting really really stressed out what I will do is I will shut down whatever I'm doing I'll stop but I'll take a step back I will go watch something on the computer on netflix i will talk to my friends I will do anything to just strap me and come back to the problem later on because I feel like if I'm talking when I'm stressed it's not going to happen it's not gonna work for me I did a lot of exercise I mean that's not the bell and I was very hard to do in January but that really helped and other things I do is I keep a diary and on the days where I'm feeling particularly anxious I make sure to write everything down and for me that really sort of focuses the fact that I may be worrying not worrying about nothing but that the worry I'm thinking about is maybe not something I can control or not something that is worth worrying about if that makes sense well what I feel like it's too much I kind of removed myself in the situation i'm in so if i'm in a crowded classroom i just you know leave the past for a few minutes take five minutes to breathe and just go in again or and i talked to a friend if i'm not in class or you know i try to when i'm anxious i try to be around people and being around people kind of helps me a lot what one piece of advice would you give to someone he's at home now watching this video and is the experiencing anxiety you're not on your own because loads of people have anxiety we all experience it at different levels but i will say to them is you need to talk to somebody because you can't stop being on your own with anxiety is a horrible lonely polarizing experience and people are very very understanding and people are really helpful so talk to someone about it talk to your friend talked about we talk to a teacher doctor GP just talk to somebody just say it to somebody because it'll make it half as big as it seems in your head it'll make it a lot easier for you if you're I suppose a little bit suspicious about how you're feeling and you're beginning to think maybe something's not right here but I'm probably overreacting or it's just normal just I think start writing it down and start taking note or maybe any patterns in it and I suppose if it's an ongoing I feel anxious I feel sick I feel worried I feel sad for a week or ten days maybe start thinking about that and that's just as opposed to taking that first step of maybe acknowledging that the way you're feeling on a long-term basis is not okay if it's affecting your everyday life just seek your GP self and I've seek my GP up GPS help and it's you know change my life kind of thing you know there's so many resources out there that can help people and just take advantage of them really research into that and get the help that you need

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