Young with Metastatic Breast Cancer: Accessing Clinical Trials

when I first found out that I had metastatic breast cancer I did a lot of research and I learned pretty quickly that there is no existing treatment that will last for the long term for me and that my best chance might well be in an investigational drug I looked for on a college 'used who was also a researcher so that I would have the best possible access to clinical trials and you have to do your own research a good place to start with the clinical it encompasses global research that might involve travel that might involve a huge amount of expense but it might still be the best chance clinical trials come in three different phases the first phase is determining the dose of the drug phase two trials determine how long the drug will continue to work what the clinical benefit is and if there's toxic effect in phase three they break down drugs that have been successful in the earlier stages into a blind study where you may be getting the investigative drug and you may not be even by participating in a clinical trial you're not going off of treatment you're simply going on to an Augmented treatment these trials are incredibly important without them a drug will never advance we need so many more treatments to be available so that when an initial treatment or a secondary treatment or tertiary treatment fails there's something waiting for us it's the best way to extend our lives as long as I'm Taylor Harrison and I'm living well with metastatic cancer

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