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– Yes, Lauren would move in. It would need bigger
closets for her, though. Lauren would be like “Oh my God I love it. “Where are the drugs?” (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Molly Bernard and
this is Henry’s apartment. It’s we don’t know how many square feet. (upbeat music) Welcome to the living room. So in my dream world I have
a two-bedroom apartment, I live in the country, I have a house, I have 14 guest rooms in addition to my two-bedroom apartment. But instead I have a pull-out
couch and this is great. This is my Ruth Bader Ginsberg paper doll watching over us all, all the time. We’re shooting our
sixth season in February and I feel it’s such a
blessing in television. This wouldn’t, like living here would not be possible without Younger and that’s such a profound gift. Can you jump up? Good boy! This is a salt lamp and admittedly I do lick it from time to time. This is a lemon that Ethan
Cook, who did my art, he made a mold of a lemon and I, I took it from his studio. Beef. That’s plant stands from IKEA. I did, I painted my ceiling baby pink. It’s the most calming
color neurologically. It activates really calming chemicals. I have a lot of anxiety,
and so I do a lot of lying horizontal or prostrate
on the couch and the bed and I’m like “Ah,
calming calming calming.” (laughing) Ah, the view though! What? Midtown. Can I take you to the other
side of the bedroom now? This is my succulent garden. In and out of death and life
and you know, I wish it well. This is my apothecary with my scents. Most of these are gifts, I’m
not a perfume hoarder I swear. Or am I? This is the witchiest thing
I’ve ever done in my life and it’s my favorite object in my home. It’s my wisdom teeth mixed
with Henry’s baby teeth to form a cocktail of family
and love and intimacy. It’s disgusting, and I treasure it. Oh, hi. Welcome to my bookshelf. Don’t mind the noisy construction outside. This is my favorite book, it’s called The Argonauts
by Maggie Nelson. Love, love, love, love. This is a plant thingy, a sprayer. This is a TV, it’s also art. I love it. It’s like, I didn’t wanna get a TV. I was like “Do I get a projector? “Do I just never watch TV ever again? “What do I do?” And I found out about this
TV, it’s called The Frame. I love it, you can change the art and it’s a really good TV. Okay, so the thing about having
a cute dog and having a home and also really getting into
aesthetic and interior design is that every space has to be a perfect photo op for
Henry as evidenced here. Henry also looks great
on the couch, on the bed, you and I were talking in my kitchen I put him on my trash can. He even looked good on the trash can. This is my kitchen. I brought props. Ellen Van Dusen of Dusen Dusen
designed these tiles for me and they’re gorgeous. They’re concrete, they’re
poured paint on them, they’re beautiful. She made me place mats
to match so I’m thrilled. I found this little guy
in my building’s trash. Thank you! And this cool thing, hi Shadow! Are you my shadow? Okay, this is an old ice box. The cool weird things of living in a hundred year old building. Like, I love my apartment
like it’s a person. I was not expecting that
part of home ownership. It’s like I love the
walls, I love the floors, I refer to her as a she, I’m like “I’m coming home darling.” I see her and I’m like “Oh you guys, “everyone’s here, Henry’s here.” My main goal was feeling safe and sweet, you know? This apartment sometimes feels like a little kiss on the cheek, like a sweet little peck that gives you a little
bit of butterflies. I feel very romantic
feelings about this apartment and that’s kind of, that was the goal and honestly not to toot my own horn but I really think I kicked ass. (laughing) (light music)


  1. So beautiful and cheerful !! The art-TV is great & as an Argentinian, I loved the "mate" at the end of the video =) Happiness

  2. Molly! I usually do not comment but just had great internal felling that you need to know….. totally in love with your home, it is just perfect ! You are awesome too.

  3. I love Molly! I hope that she gets more screen time this next season on “Younger”. Her home is fabulous, and Henry is the cutest thing EVER. 💕

  4. I love your apartment. That pink on the ceiling is a wonderful idea, I might steal it! My first time seeing you and you are so darling!

  5. love the soft pink ceiling. I am in the middle of painting my house, and am going to use that in my office area. Girl Stamp!

  6. never seen her before but I adore her. so weird. fuck yes. I love her so much. I love this house. I love Henry. amazing

  7. I love this. I started very monochromic but I want colors to come back to my life. This is the inspiration I needed

  8. I love her on Younger and love her even more. Molly you need to do standup! I was laughing out loud at this video. And please come design my house!

  9. Oh you most certainly kick ass! This home is by far the best thing I’ve ever seen. I’m envious and inspired now! 🦷

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