Your Head-To-Toe Fall Health Guide

Hi I’m Bahar Takhtehchian, Beauty and Lifestyle expert and today I’m sharing tips to have you have a healthy fall. So my first tip is to make sure you stay really active this time of year. I know it’s a busy time of year. Holidays are coming up, the weather is getting colder in many parts of the country, but it’s really important to stay active and exercise. And I think they key to exercising is having very comfortable footwear. And that’s why I always recommend that you try Ortho Lite Insoles. So these are insoles that you add to your favorite shoes. They provide cushioning, comfort, breathability, they help control moisture. They even have anti microbial properties that are going to help reduce the odor. They’re going to help with stinky feet. And what’s great is they’re found in every brand of shoe, every style really, but if your shoes don’t have them you can go to and buy them for 19.99. Again it’s going to increase the comfort level of your shoe and extend the life of your shoe. Next I want to talk about a fabulous product that promotes proactive breast health for women. It helps relieve menstrual-related breast discomfort so many women suffer from. In fact an estimated 50 percent of women of childbearing years actually have this discomfort. We’re talking about heaviness, tenderness, swelling. If you are experiencing these you don’t have to suffer anymore because there’s a great new supplement called Violet Iodine. You take this once a day in the morning. It’ drug free, it’s hormone free, you don’t need a prescription. Best of all, after sixty days many women experience relief from these symptoms. Some get the relief much sooner. You can find this product at, CVS, The Vitamin Shoppe, Harris Teeter, and if you go to to get more info. I wanted to talk a little bit about cold sores because as the weather changes and people get colds sometimes you can get a cold sore outbreak. If you have this problem you know it’s embarrassing and it can be very painful. But thankfully Carmex has a cold sore treatment. It’s over the counter. The active ingredient is ten percent benzocaine so that’s really going to help with the pain, with the itchiness, and it helps to minimize the appearance of the cold sore. It’s over the counter so you can keep this in your purse, in your medicine cabinet for those last minute outbreaks. And I love the fact that you can feel more confident and more comfortable as you’re getting through the outbreak. You can go to for more info and it’s just $14.99. And finally this is the time of year when the weather is changing, people are getting colds or the flu. The first time you feel something coming, you should try taking Cold-Eeze. Now this is great because it’s been clinically proven to shorten the duration of a cold by almost half. They come in lozenges. Cherry happens to be the best seller, it’s very nice and tasty. Or you can try the Quick Melts which actually dissolve in your mouth without any water. So this is going to help relieve symptoms like the congestion, the cough, the runny nose. I also love the fact that they came out with this new allergy relief product that is made with natural ingredients, herbal extracts and it helps combat indoor and outdoor allergies so you can really feel relief from the itchy eyes and the sneezing and all of that. And again this is all over the counter as well. So there you have it, some amazing options that are going to help you feel and look your best this fall.

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