1. People want to work but wat about regional politics and religious politics in India people how will you cure that.

  2. The health definition is perfect told by Dr. Hegde! Now it’s morning, do I have enthusiasm to work today? Yes.

  3. Politicians won't change until people change , people should understand that they need to change or else we are heading towards unconscious homicide.
    What is not business today even religion is a business this attitude of mankind will continue until Armageddon.
    God is never present in heaven it's inside us and we can create heaven right here on Earth ,we don't have to die to reach heaven.

  4. Ayurveda is curing my eyes.
    I'm having drooping eye on my left eye, but also having blurry and crossing vision, dizzy and sometimes headache.
    I went to 3 doctors and also for blood test, the last doctor, a specialist, dilated my eye which I didn't want, and he didn't looked at my eyes, didnt do his diagnosis he just looked at the diagnostics from others doctors and told me I need to go for surgery for the eye drooping, and I wondering why did he dilated my eyes if he even didn't look at them, and what about the symptoms on the both eyes not only the left, that they're so concern about the surgery.
    Then I found out that dilated eyes is so behind in Brazil where I'm from but living in Canada where I went to see the doctors, I found out that back home they don't dilated the eyes anymore, there's a 3D machine that look into your eyes without drops and drugs.
    So anyways I went to ayurvedic doctor, the consultation took 1hr, with questions about my food, symptoms and my life style, he gave me the natural medicine and told me that the natural treatment takes time, and I'll start see the changes in 2 or 3 months , but is less than a week and my eyes are getting better, is curing both eyes from inside out.
    The ayurveda philosophy is not only medicine but about body, mind and life style you choose for yourself.
    I'm so thankful for those ayurvedic doctorsπŸ™

  5. great talk , especially when he explained health is enthusiasm to work or passion futhermore body is only perception of mind

  6. Namasthe sir, I am balaganesh, guest Faculty in Andhra university music and dance department, sir brother suffering with tongue cancer, doctors said he is final. He is no life. Please guide me how can save my brother?

  7. He is 100% on point. The point at which he said you are not your parents lifted a huge worry from my mind. Despite believing I am on my own journey, my parent's health history has been a huge weight on my shoulders and I am grateful to find someone who spoke out loud affirming what I have always known and prescribe to. A healthy mind creates a healthy body. Thank you for sharing this.

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