Your virtual tour of Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Welcome to Medicine, Nursing and Health
Sciences at Monash University, one of the largest schools for the education of
doctors, nurses and midwives in Australia. Ranked 41 in the world for clinical,
preclinical and health sciences, we are focused on translating research into
practical outcomes for patients and communities. Here you’ll study alongside
students from over 90 countries across all areas of health. You’ll become a part
of our multidisciplinary community preparing you to work collaboratively
across professions. We’re now in South One one of our leading lecture theatres
on campus. Our interactive and student focused teaching approach means you’ll
learn through face-to-face activities online technologies and clinical
training. All our courses are specialist degrees this means you get to
focus on the area you want to study from day one. Throughout your degree you’ll
have the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom to practical
scenarios so you’re ready to become the next generation of healthcare
professionals. In our Human Anatomical Sciences Learning Resource Centre, we
use world-first technology and replica 3D body parts to help train our future
doctors. Over the next five years our Peninsula campus will become Australia’s
leading center of allied health and primary care education and research. Our
students will have the opportunity to work closely with local hospitals and
healthcare providers within the community. At each of our campuses
students have the opportunity to practice their clinical skills in
tailor-made facilities like our nursing simulation labs. If you want to be a
paramedic, our hands-on training in emergency health ensures you develop
strong communication teamwork and leadership skills and are ready to
respond to life-threatening situations. If radiography is your thing our
dedicated radiography and ultrasound training suites are where you’ll be
taught on clinical quality equipment. Many of our staff also work in the field
so you’ll be kept up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. Our Be Active Sleep Eat or BASE facility is advancing the sciences of nutrition
sleep and activity for health outcomes. Here in the commercial kitchen, Nutrition
and Dietetics students are developing practical skills in food preparation. The
sleep and circadian medicine laboratory at BASE is a new facility where our
psychology students work with active researchers on controlled sleep studies.
We are now in the Science Technology Research and Innovation Precinct
affectionately known as the STRIP. It is a thriving hub of biomedical research.
Researchers have just uncovered a new vaccine strategy to stop malaria
parasites in the liver. Did you know that snake venom may hold the key to break
down plaques that cause Alzheimer’s? This is just some of the groundbreaking
research that takes place in the STRIP. You’ll also find several of the Monash
key research platforms here. Our industry partners regularly come here to work
alongside our researchers to use these cutting-edge technologies. We are now in
the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute home to more than 100 research
teams across key global health priority areas. In Dr Eliana Marino’s lab, her
team are studying the role diet, gut microbiota and the immune system play in
the development of type 1 diabetes. Our FishCore facility, part of the
Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute is the largest zebrafish
facility of its kind in the southern hemisphere. It’s home to over 100,000
zebrafish who were critical to modeling human diseases as they share 70% of our
genetic code. These fish are helping our researchers
unlock the secrets of how the body develops and repairs itself. You are now entering the Monash CAVE2, an immersive virtual reality environment that allows
researchers across faculties to visualize and interact with data. It is
helping our neuroscientists step inside the human brain to explore nerve cells
in the brain;s pathways in new ways. We are also part of Monash partners one of
four advanced health research and translational centres in Australia.
Whether on placement or conducting research you’ll be working closely with
our partners, clinicians and patients to identify tangible health benefits for
people and communities. Come join us we look forward to seeing you soon.

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