You’re Welcome podcast – Let’s Make A Deal (full episode)

What’s happening, guys? Happy Wednesday and thank you for joining
another special episode of You’re Welcome. I’ll tell you, there has been so many moving
parts since we have talked last so let’s start with Jon Jones. Jon was cleared by USADA and, to try to explain
that maybe a little bit clearer, by cleared I don’t mean that he was found innocent. I mean that his suspension was given and a
total of 15 months—I think he’s got like another 30 days and he will be there—which
clears him in terms of the doubt and the cloud that he was under. It was explained very clearly to everybody
on multiple occasions from multiple commissions as well as USADA that a second-time offender,
which Jon was, had a minimum of two years and essentially a maximum of four. Based on the egregiousness of the offense,
it didn’t necessarily come with a ceiling. It definitely came with a floor of two years. It didn’t necessarily come with a ceiling
of four. They could go up to a lifetime ban, but that
was not really on the table. There wasn’t a precedent for that. So it was believed to be two to four, and
we’ve covered that here a number of times. They ended up with 15 months. I think he’s at 14. Like I said, he’s got roughly 30 days, which
would open up his eligibility for the Madison Square Garden card as I have personally speculated
on a number of times, with no evidence. Just making a guess. See what ends up happening out there. Things then got a little bit more interesting
because, again as it has been explained to us on a number of occasions, he was facing
a minimum of two years and we have seen much less egregious offenses—and by egregious,
I am defining that to say the substance found in his system—we have seen substances that
have been less, substances that have been medicine, substances that have been prescribed
by doctors and somebody given much more time. We saw a Nick Diaz situation where it was
a lifetime ban for marijuana. We saw a Wanderlei Silva situation where it
was a lifetime ban. Both of these of course they worked through,
but a lifetime ban for Wanderlei who tested positive for nothing. He didn’t even do the test. They found that to be so egregious that they
banned him for life. Jon was found with an illegal substance and
I’m not talking about a banned substance—I’m talking about if he was found in possession
of this the police would put him in handcuffs, illegal substance—and they ended up with
15 months. Well, we need an explanation. How’d you get the 15 months when you told
us all it was two years? So the explanation came out, and the explanation
was that there was an article within the USADA rules that if Jon was to provide them with
substantial information, and the clause went on and on from there, but essentially if he
was to provide them with substantial information, which means if he was to turn other people
in, that there is a way within the USADA rules to give him a less sentence than the two years
that was explained to everybody on multiple occasions. So that is the category that he fell under
and the way that that worked took a couple of turns since we’ve talked last as well. First off, it was explained that he has already
given information and will have to continue to give information or they can revoke the
sentence and resentence him. Alright, fair enough. The speculation begins to come with, who would
Jon give? And it doesn’t matter if it’s the FBI, it
doesn’t matter if it’s the DA’s office, and apparently it doesn’t matter with USADA
in terms of this being a clause, but the way that this works is that you have to be able
to shoot upwards. You can’t shoot down. So who is Jon going to give that’s bigger
than Jon? Jon Jones is the biggest fish on the hook
in the world of MMA, the gym that he trains out of, and the speculation that he’s turning
on his own teammates and things along these lines, fine, let’s just go along with that
because we don’t know. But let’s just see that theory through. The problem with that theory is there is nobody
in that gym that is a bigger fish than Jon Jones. He could give up two or three or four or five
teammates, they still don’t equal one Jon Jones. So that’s where I think it starts to get a
little bit interesting. I don’t have an answer for you. I have a guess. I’ll go ahead and make my guess, but I think
if I’m going to do it with any level of responsibility I have to say to you guys in as clear of words
as I know how to speak that I don’t know what I’m talking about in terms of having any evidence. I just have a guess. Having been through the system before, no
deal like that was ever offered to me. There was nothing. I never knew this existed. I’ve never heard of anybody speak about it. USADA has never spoken about it that I’ve
ever seen before, and I see this stuff, I study this stuff, and I bring to you guys
so that you don’t have to waste your time studying it. I’d never heard of this. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t there, just never
heard of it before. So if you were to begin to speculate who would
Jon turn on, I don’t believe that he’s going to be able to turn on MMA, meaning fellow
teammates, fellow guys that he’s heard about. And it has to be substantial information. He cannot come in and give speculative rumor. He would have to give information that I know,
“Here are phone numbers, here are dates, here are the guys, here are the substances,”
things along those lines if not that criteria exactly and to the T. And he has to continue
to do it, which would be tough. That would be a little bit tough when they
outed him as an informant. Be a little bit tough for Jon to be invited
to some of those circles to be able to gather that information. So I’m going to jump around a little bit,
but let’s try to tie this all together. So fast-forward the tape, which would bring
us to Monday. His manager Malki went on a show and it was
either Ariel’s old show or it’s Ariel’s new show. I don’t know who he was on. But Malki came out and he said, “Hey, not
so fast. Before you guys think Jon Jones is a snitch
under that clause that USADA has put out, Jon could also be giving you information on
himself. He could also just be telling personal stories
and revealing things that have not been revealed before.” Tie that in with something else that you guys
may not know: USADA will not come out and speak out on people they are investigating. USADA’s very quiet, but USADA does have
a deal and they will call and they will tell you this upfront, which is, “If you go and
you speak, we will respond. So if you want to just let this go, if you
want to handle this behind closed doors, we can do that. But if you go public, we’re going to come
right behind you. We won’t go first, but we will go,” and
they’ll tell you this upfront. So when Malki came out and did that, then
USADA responded and USADA made it very clear, “No, he has already given information and
he will continue to give us information. That is exactly what it means. It means we flipped him. He is now an informant. He has already given info and he will continue
to give info or we will revoke and revise this 15-month suspension.” Okay, fair enough. It just still leaves me and I am still in
the vein of the conversation of “Chael does not know.” He’s going to make my guess. I’ve heard different guesses out there, I’m
going to make mine. I don’t believe that Jon could point the
finger at anybody in MMA including to give three, four or five guys up and go, “Well,
five is better than one.” I don’t think so. I don’t think so. I don’t think the DA—I can tell you the
DA doesn’t work that way. I could tell you the feds don’t work that
way and I don’t that USADA will work that way either. I believe that it has to be a bigger fish. Now, here’s something that people aren’t taking
into consideration. USADA will look at a hierarchy and they will
look at it differently. By example, USADA will look at a coach as
a different level, a level above an athlete, okay? So if Jon Jones wasn’t going to give them
athletes that were bigger fish than him but he could give them a coach and say that a
coach has knowledge and helps to facilitate this, USADA would look at that, even though
that coach could be a smaller name and a smaller fish, but they would look at that as a higher
level. None of what I’m suggesting here is that Jon
Jones has turned in one of his coaches or that his coaches have done anything like that. I’m just offering you a back story to make
sure you understand how USADA works. They would then look at a bubble a level above
the coach to the actual dealer, the actual supplier, even if that guy didn’t have a bigger
name and a bigger headline but he had some level of an empire, some level of a Rolodex
that they could go tap into. That’s still neither of—I’m just giving
you back story. That’s not actually my predict—my own prediction,
I think that he had a piss in the punchbowl and he’s turned on the NFL. That’s my own guess. I think that he’s given him fish outside of
the world of MMA, which has not yet been considered but that is my own personal guess. I base that on zero evidence, just an understanding
that I just laid out for you, which is you cannot shoot down and make a deal. You have to be able to shoot up. The only reason they made a deal with Sammy
the Bull who confessed to 19 murders is because Sammy the Bull would give them John Gotti. You have to be able to go up in deal-making
and you can’t go, “Well, I got give guys in exchange for me.” If they’re five undercard guys and they don’t
have names, it’s not going to work that way. And any of these organizations, whether you
like it or not, will openly tell you, “The bigger headline we can get, the better. If we can make an example out of a really
big fish, we’ll do it, and we’ll attach our own names to it and the credibility of our
own organization to it.” So they want a bigger fish, and I’m not here
to believe that anybody out of that camp or even any multiple people out of that camp
all together equal one Jon Jones, which makes me think he might have gone in a different
direction completely. So what do you do with him now? Where do you put him now? I’m still very bullish on Madison Square Garden. Alright, you got to put the USADA thing behind
you. I mean, whatever that was, whatever you make
of that, go ahead, but we’re talking about two separate conversations now, which is the
fact that now Jon is back. He is now eligible to apply and gain a license. He has a contract with an organization known
as the UFC, so he’s going to go back to competing, we just have to guess when, and Dana has said
that it will be 2019. I think he might have even used the word “early”
2019. Maybe—Dana, of course, would know—but
there could be some moving parts there where Dana could change his mind as well, right? There could be some moving parts. Maybe he wants them to fight on Madison Square
Garden but he’s having licensing issues. That fight’s going to take place in New
York. Perhaps New York is demanding behind the scenes
that he comes out and he sits front and center for a commission hearing and the commission
doesn’t even meet in time for him to do that. So there are some things that aren’t just
as easy as, “Okay, when do you want Jon to fight? Alright, great, throw him in there.” There’s much more that goes on behind the
scenes and there are much more boxes that have to be checked before you could go into
it. I still believe that they are going to work
towards that and succeed at getting him in there on the Madison Square Garden card in
November. If we were to take a look at it though and
try to figure out who he’s going to fight, of which I have predicted will be Gustafsson,
and you were to take a look at some of the things that Gustafsson has said, it doesn’t
appear that that fight’s done. It doesn’t. I had somebody call me with a very random
speculation that I’m personally short on, but I love speculation so it was a fun conversation,
and they said, “Well, I noticed that Daniel Cormier was mysteriously absent this weekend
for the UFC’s coverage. He wasn’t on the preshow. He wasn’t on the post show. He wasn’t on the live broadcast. Is it because Daniel Cormier is in training
because he’s going to be fighting Jon Jones?” I sure don’t think so. I really don’t think so, but I thought it
was a fun conversation. I mean, how did we get to the conclusion that
DC and Jon Jones is going to happen in six or seven weeks all because Daniel wasn’t
on TV on Saturday night? I’m not quite sure how we got there but I’ll
listen. Daniel’s always a likely suspect for Jon. And then you’ve got the PR battle, too,
right? All this has to be weighed against the PR
mess of, “What do you do with Jon? Is it best to just let this lie? The fighters are turning on him. They don’t like that he snitched. They don’t like that he took this deal. The public doesn’t love that.” I mean, what do you do? Well, that bottom line is you move forward—that’s
the answer—and you move forward sooner rather than later. So, I don’t know where the Jon situation goes. He has been very quiet. He was saying more before the USADA deal came
out, before this information came out. He’s been quieter in the last six days than
he was in the last six weeks. What do you make of that and where do you
go from here and what’s the fallout going to be and who did he give them? And it has to be substantial information. It can’t just be rumors. So what do you have? You’ve got all sorts of moving parts. You have to do this in conjunction with the
fact that it was also given a three-month reduction because they believed that there
was absolutely no intent for Jon to have taken the substance. And that’s a very fascinating story as well. When you come in there with a guy who lacks
credibility and you come away with absolutely no evidence but you believe that he had no
knowledge, it would be very reasonable—and guys, if I may stop down for just a second,
this is not a “bury Jon Jones” segment but it could come off as that, because there’s
not really a bright side here to Jon Jones that I can present to you. But I’m not sharing an opinion with you and
attempting to bury Jon. I’m just attempting to recount and tell you
the story the way that it happened for the information that I was able to gather from
the media and pass it on. So this isn’t a “bury Jon” but I will
fully admit that there’s not really a pot of gold at the end this story here, okay? It’s not a wonderful situation, but this is
the one that he’s found himself in. So they ruled that they believed that Jon
did not take this intentionally. That is a fascinating belief to come to when
you have a guy who’s failed three tests. He has two strikes against him. The cocaine did not actually count as a strike
if you guys will recall that story. Cocaine was not on the banned list even though
he tested positive for it, so he didn’t get a strike, to set that clear. So he’s got three failed tests with two strikes. Next one is a lifetime ban, okay? As the rules have been explained to us and
as we have found out, we are fiercely going to adhere to the rules that we make up on
the spot but there you go. But they ruled that he had absolutely no intent. Now, that was a fascinating one for me because
they said that they believed. That’s the word that they used. I’m quoting. They believed that he had no intent. So they gave him a three-month reduction. They proved that Yoel Romero had no intent. They proved that Tim Means had no intent. Wanderlei never tested positive for anything. Nick Diaz tested positive for a lawful substance
that was against the rules. Jon tested positive for not only a banned
substance, an absolutely illegal substance. B.J. Penn took an IV, which is legal but it
was ruled that he took too much of a legal substance. And these guys all did time. They all did time, a minimum of six months. B.J., Yoel, Tim, a minimum of six months. Jon got a three-month reduction because they
believed that he did it with no intent. To explain for you guys faith, the word “faith”
is to come to a conclusion in the absence of evidence. It is to believe something with no evidence. That is what faith means. Belief in something means that you have evidence
and you have come a particular conclusion. They used the word “believe” and I found
that to be interesting. Why is it that you believe that? Because a reasonable person is not going to
fall for that straw man fallacy. Let me present to you guys a far more reasonable
scenario where Jon Jones did not know he was taking something banned, okay? Here is my scenario. Jon Jones tests hot. Jon Jones gets suspended. Jon Jones continues to get tests and he continues
to piss hot. He continues to defend himself. He continues to deny. He continues to say, “I have no idea. I have no license. I have no fight coming up. I’m in the hot seat. I don’t know where this is coming from,”
and then Jon Jones pisses hot again, again and again. That logically would draw you to the conclusion
that he does not know where it’s coming from. If he did not know where it was coming from
and he continued the same behaviors, he would continue to get the same result, which in
this case would be a failed test for the same substance. An irrational train of thought would be that
Jon tests hot one time, gets caught, and never tests hot for that substance again. That would be irrational. That would be illogical. If he is continuing the same behaviors with
the same substances and the same foods and living in the same conditions and doing everything
the same but getting a different result, a logical person would understand that something
had to change. Why does your friendly host Chael Sonnen not
test hot anymore? Because I knew where it was coming from and
I quit doing it. You guys see the problem with the logic here? I will give you guys a story, very dark story,
and I don’t mean to compare the two. I will just use an example. Maybe you guys saw this. It was a huge national news. It was even made into a miniseries. It was featured on Unsolved Mysteries at one
point, if you guys remember that show, and now they’ve made a movie about it. A woman and a man have a child, a little boy—true
story—and they rush him to the hospital. The little boy’s sick, and they run a bunch
of tests on him and they determine that the baby is being poisoned. The baby is sick and he’s being poisoned,
and the husband and wife go, “That’s impossible. We’ve never had a babysitter. We’ve never let him outside of our possession. As a matter of fact, I’m still breastfeeding. He hasn’t even had food yet.” So the investigators come into the house. They search the house up and down because,
by mom and dad’s own admittance, it would have to be mom or dad. Nobody else has touched the baby. They’re confessing to that much. They go into the garage and they find two
bottles of antifreeze. One of them is sealed and closed and one of
them’s opened and a little bit is missing, quarter of a bottle. Well, they realized that one of the active
ingredients in antifreeze is what the baby is being poisoned with. So now they know it was either mom or dad
and they have the actual substance being used, so they try them both for poisoning the baby. The dad is found not guilty and they lock
the mother up for life. The baby continues to get sick and continues
to be diagnosed by the small town doctors as being poisoned by antifreeze. So now they’re going, “Oh my gosh, we’ve
locked up the wrong parent. We have the wrong parent. What do we do?” So they take the little boy from the father
into state’s custody and try to figure out, “Do we let the mom out or is the mom and
dad both in it? We got to lock him up. This is a big mess.” All the while, mom, who is now incarcerated,
in solitary confinement I might add, happened to be pregnant at the time, so X amount of
months later she gives birth to the second baby who is separated from her instantly. Baby comes into this world and is separated
by the state from the mother, instantly. Never even got to hold the baby. Guess what happened to baby #2 who mother
never got to see and never went to the possession of the father because now they think they
need to lock the father up, too? Guess what happened to him? He was being poisoned. Now both the babies are being poisoned. They’re both continually testing positive
and they’re not in possession of either one of the parents. This makes national news, at which point doctors
from all over the country that aren’t from little small town say, “Hey, you’ve misdiagnosed
these kids. They’re not being poisoned at all. That’s a hereditary thing. Here’s what it’s called. Oh, and by the way, there’s a cure. You just have to accurately diagnose them.” That was 24 years ago. Both the kids have grown up. They’re healthy. Mom and dad, family, everybody’s reunited. Big mistake by the state. But the lesson learned there, why did the
babies keep testing positive? Why did the doctors keep believing under the
same results that they were being poisoned? Because mom and dad were innocent. Had mom and dad been poisoning the babies,
when you separated them from mom and dad they would have stopped testing positive. Do you guys see the problem with the logic
here? A support was added to Jon’s theory because
he only had one positive test for not just a banned substance, an illegal substance,
an imprisonable substance, but he never tested positive again. Yet, through the basic logic, that helped
to clear him. Am I saying this clear? Are you guys understanding how that’s the
reverse, that’s upside down for what would make sense to a reasonable person? This isn’t a conviction of Jon. I realize how this sounds. It’s not. I’m just telling you the facts that were laid
out. I’m telling you the conclusion that was come
to, which is the reverse of logic and the opposite of what they told everybody, and
it is not in line with how other guys were treated including a guy like B.J. Penn who
officially has a strike against him for taking a legal substance but taking too much of it. You guys figure that one out. That is exactly what happened with B.J. He
took a legal substance, they ruled he took too much. You guys figure out how that’s a ban, but
it was, and he sat and he got bad press and bad headlines and he’s got a strike against—really
weird. Really weird. So it’s important I guess just that you know
the rules and that you understand them and we’ll see where it goes from here. I still do believe that there’s going to be
something very special at Madison Square Garden and I think that, unintentionally, it’s turning
to really great marketing. I’ve been in more conversations with people,
“Hey, who do you think’s going to headline Madison Square Garden?” You know, one thing about Dana White is he’s
not a poker player and he does not bluff. I mean, he does and you can go back and look
at his history. I remember when Dana was making these claims
and people said, “Oh, he’s crazy and he’s just being a promoter,” and sure enough,
he’d follow through on his word and it would happen. I mean, from the growth of the sport to national
television deals to publicly traded companies coming in as sponsors of the company, everything
that he ever said happened. And he said, “We are going to give you a
blowout main event for Madison Square Garden.” Now, the one reason I offer you that is because
I’m not confident that the card isn’t great the way it is. I’m not confident that if push comes to shove
you elevate Diaz and Poirier to a five-round fight, make them the main event, and everybody
goes home happy. I’m not confident that I think that works. I just think Dana is going to do—I think
he’s going to do something great and special. And when you come out and you start to speculate
what that is, we did all commonly believe that that would be revealed in New York last
week at the press conference between Conor and Khabib. We believed that because they were in New
York, because Madison Square Garden, for those of you that are geographically impaired, happens
to be in New York, and it was a press conference where you would announce major press. So we had that conclusion. But when Dana didn’t do it, we all looked
at that and go, “Well, yeah, of course he didn’t do it.” Why would he do it today? Why would he do anything that could overshadow
the biggest fight in the sport’s history? Why would he do anything today for a card
that’s seven weeks away when he’s promoting a card that’s three weeks away? Once again, Dana gets it right. Dana did it exactly right. All of our predictions were wrong, but we
should have been wrong. He should have announced it that day. Didn’t matter if they were in New York. He had other business that day. Once again, Dana got it right. I’m not sure—and tickets go on sale tomorrow
for the MSG card, so could we find out very quickly? Could we find out? You know, I might be wrong. I think tickets might go on sale today. I’ll have to look that up. But the point is, the point is they’re running
out of time. If they want to announce their main event
in conjunction with an on-sale date, what’s to say they do? What’s to say that the point I made a moment
ago isn’t spot on, which is the card’s pretty damn good the way it is. What’s to say that they don’t wait until
you’re fading to black and rolling the credits on October 6th where you have more eyeballs
from this market than you’re ever going to have before and you put it on the back end
of that show? If you guys will remember, that’s how they
rolled out the Brock Lesnar fight, Brock Lesnar’s return at UFC 200. There was a pay-per-view going on. They had some B-roll put together and out
of nowhere, boom, he’s back and Brock Lesnar’s face pops up. It was a cool dramatic way to do it. Didn’t even have an opponent announced. So what’s to say they’re not going to do
that on October 6th when the MSG card isn’t for another month? That’s more than enough time to build anticipation
and hype for a retail product that’s going on sale 30 days later, roughly, and not get
in the way of the product that is being sold on October 6th. So, in conclusion, I’m sticking with my Jon
Jones theory though I will fully admit as each day goes by it gets weaker and weaker. I just am forced with the fact that they said
it’s going to be a major fight. Diaz and Poirier is an anticipated fight,
so that’s our bar. It’s got to be above that and I don’t know
anybody with any free time, with any spots open on their dance card, that could fill
in and be a bigger and better and more anticipated fight than Poirier versus Diaz. I don’t know of one. I couldn’t offer you a guess. I’ve heard guesses that I find ridic—I heard
Georges St-Pierre. That’s ridiculous to me. I wouldn’t even come to you guys with that. Georges doesn’t work that way and he doesn’t
fill in short notice. Daniel Cormier sitting out one pay-per-view. Now, he’s being speculated. “Hey, why is he sitting at home? What’s he getting ready for? What’s he training for?” As much as I want to laugh at that, I don’t
have anything better to offer you. Maybe the guy that made the call to me and
offered me that maybe he’s on to something. Maybe [00:04:37] is on to something. I don’t know. But it sure has from a marketing standpoint
been fun to not know. It’s been to speculate. It’s been fun to guess. I think we’ve all got a kick out of it. I don’t think you can run a business that
way. I don’t know if we’re going to be in the same
spot again time after time. This is the new promotion, “Ah, we know
the card and we’re not going to tell you what it is! Ha ha ha!” No, I don’t think so. But I think for this one time, for this first
time, I think it’s been great. I do. I really think that it’s been fun. And I don’t think that there’s anything wrong
with putting Jon on it. I don’t think from a PR perspective that you
need to put him on ice until early 2019 or get him right back in the mix right now. I don’t see any different. Either way, there’s going to be some blows,
there’s going to be some pushback, and you’re going to have to move forward. So we’ll see where that all goes. The press conference, back up to that. Awesome. I thought it was incredible. You know, you have to understand when we go
to that press conference last week—I’m trusting that you guys saw it. I saw some report, something crazy, I mean,
it was something, I want to say four million people watched it, something like that, you
know, with the reruns and the clips and the social medias and the YouTubes and the live
feeds and the ESPN news. Just everybody that covered it, something
like four million eyeballs had seen that, which is a raging success. But yet back up, back up to the day that it
happened, Conor went into that thing and there were only two options, okay? And the reason I bring up Conor, this isn’t
Khabib’s world. We weren’t expecting a lot from Khabib and
there wasn’t a lot that Khabib could do. He’s a humble guy, he’s a gentleman, he’s
a sportsman, and this is not his native tongue, okay? It’s a press conference where words are all
that—not just words matter, words are all that matter. Khabib was up against it a little bit, so
we’ll focus on Conor. Conor only had two options, okay? Don’t forget, this press conference taking
place in New York blocked all fans from coming. So it’s just the media. So the energy in the room is very light. There are not crowds waving its flags that
have tailgated before this thing and they show up drunk and they’re partying, they’re
chanting for their countrymen and hanging on every word he says. It’s a different environment and it’s one
that he has not been in before. So of his two options, he could come out and
he could be his boisterous flamboyant self that everybody’s hoping for or he could
come in and just call this one in. “Hey, the energy’s not here. I don’t have any idea why we’re doing it. I live in Ireland. He lives in Russia. You flew us both to New York to promote a
fight that’s in Vegas in a room that nobody’s at. I’m out. Ask me your questions, get on with it, and
let me go about my day.” That was a very reasonable assumption, particularly
because that’s exactly what he did in his final press conference with Floyd Mayweather. The room was different. The energy—I was there. The room was different. The energy was different. It was mainly media. It was mainly insiders, you know, this guy’s
entourage and that guy’s entourage and the undercard and their coaches and their entourage. It was just a different feel. Floyd went first and Floyd came up pretty
stoic. It wasn’t the brash bravado from Floyd. Conor went second. He kind of took his cues from Floyd. He came in a little bit down, too. They had a weigh-in coming the next day [00:02:28]
weight cut. They had some stress. They just had some other stuff going on. It ended up being a pretty bland atmosphere. Conor came out, okay, you want to talk about
firing on all cylinders, he had a machine gun in each hand, he had a machete tied to
his back, and he had clips in his sock. It was fire and there is nobody that could
match him, and he beat Khabib at every turn and poor Khabib was outmanned from Jump Street. We understand that, but when you’re breaking
down a press conference and you’re going to try this fight by words, body language and
ultimately public opinion, this was a slaying like no other and Conor came hot and he addressed
every issue. And it doesn’t matter what the facts are,
it’s whoever says it last and says it the most compelling with a microphone in his hand
on the stage, and that’s exactly what Conor did. He addressed the bus issue, which was such
a black eye that he left in handcuffs under the jurisdiction of the DA and ultimately
in front of a judge with a lawyer in tow. It was a bad action. He steered right into it. He turned it on Khabib. He said, “Why don’t you get off the bus?” He said, “Don’t bring up the dolly. Don’t bring up the people that went to the
hospital. Very first thing I did, I walked up to that
bus with my hands up. I showed you my hands. I showed you I was unarmed. You versus me, and you didn’t get off the
bus.” To hell with the facts, to hell with the tape
that we’ve all seen, to hell with the handcuffs and the DA and the judge, boom, Conor just
turned it. I couldn’t believe it. I heard him say that. He tried to take credit. He did take credit for coming in unarmed and
displaying his hands to a 4000-pound object known as a bus proclaiming—That Khabib just
happened to be looking and was supposed to see that and know what that meant, I have
no idea. Who cares? It doesn’t matter. It was a press conference. He proclaimed, “I came in, I showed you
my hands, so you knew I was unarmed.” They went back and forth. I mean, this thing was a mess. Khabib was doing the best he could. He was just outgunned here. And at one point, Conor had one of the best
lines. It was the best line of the press conference
and one of the better lines that I’ve ever heard at MMA and he got no credit for it. Either Khabib spoke as Conor said it or Dana
spoke as Conor said it, and so people couldn’t hear it. We couldn’t really hear, but I picked up on
it. And he told Khabib, “You tapped the window.” That’s all he said, is, “You tapped the
window.” But what he’s alluded to is he’s saying, “When
I came after the bus, you had enough. You tapped the window. You found your way out. You surrendered.” It was a simple line. It was quick. If you guys think about that, it was a brilliant
line. It was absolutely brilliant. And Khabib had made many sucker’s mistakes
in the press conference, which is he tried to ask Conor questions. Every time Khabib thought he had a very logical
point that “if you just focused on for a moment, if you just answer my questions while
I interrogate you, you will burn yourself, you will run out of rope and make yourself
look like a fool,” the problem that Khabib had in that is that Conor is not under subpoena
to be there. Conor has no obligation to take a question
from anybody including Khabib, so he didn’t. When he ignored Khabib and dismissed Khabib,
he made Khabib look small. He made him look unworthy. He made him look like the kid in class with
his hand up that the teacher’s ignoring. It’s very simple. It’s a very simple tactic. I am only pointing this out to you guys so
when you go out and you watch these press conferences and you come away with an emotion
and a feeling, when you come out revved up, I’m identifying for you why. I’m identifying for all of the fighters that
listen to this show, no matter how many times they’ve been setting that damn cage up and
they’ve been doing these press conferences and flying people in from all over the world,
when somebody shows up at this thing all dressed up and grabs the microphone and says, “I
don’t have anything to say. I just want to fight,” and puts it down
as though they’re going to get an applause from the crowd and they never do and they
find themselves uninvited to the next press conference, which means they’ve been removed
from main-event or co-main-event status, don’t act surprised. You’ve got to deliver at these things. Somebody’s going to be the hammer and somebody’s
going to be the nail. And there is a misconception in this sport
from the beginning of time and it’s the same misconception that Khabib is under—and again,
let me say, much like I had to do a moment ago and said this isn’t to bury Jon Jones,
this isn’t to bury Khabib, I’m recounting for you simply what happened. That’s all I’m doing, not giving you a prediction
on the fight, not even breaking down the fight, just telling what happened at the press conference. But there is a misconception in this sport
and it continues to happen that if you take on a big star, a guy that makes a ton of money,
a guy that sells a ton of tickets and is over with the crowd, that if you take him on and
you beat him that you assume his spot, that you now make a ton of money, that you now
sell a ton of tickets and that you are now over with the crowd. That is simply not the case. It is not true. On October 6th, Conor McGregor will wake up
the biggest draw in the UFC. On October 7th, Conor McGregor will wake up
the biggest draw in the UFC. There is an art and a skill to that, and the
guys who are going to make it in this business and have a long career and have a legacy,
whatever the hell that word means and the guys seem to think that that matters and is
important, for those guys, they are going to understand what it is Conor brings to the
table and it’s not a straight left hand and a rear teep to the body. He brings something else. He brings an energy and an emotion, and no
matter what happens, including a vicious and violent and ragdoll beating, let’s say Conor
takes that from Khabib, a brutal, brutal beating, Conor McGregor will wake up the following
morning the biggest draw in the business. And he may not be as big of a draw as he is
on the 6th. It may go down. He will wake up the biggest draw in the business. Khabib will not. Not a slight to Khabib. It’s just important in understanding. I see guys go after spots and a lot of it
has to do with titles and a lot of it has to do with jealousy and a lot of it just with
the competitive spirit of, “Hey, that guy’s where I want to be. Let me go take him down and I’ll take his
spot.” It’s not like the olden day where if you kill
the king you’ll become the king. It does not work that way. You have to bring other things to the table. You have to have intangibles that you bring
to the table. There’s not a recipe. You can’t just throw in the flour and the
sugar and the chocolate chips and the egg yolks and stir them up and put in the oven
for 40 minutes and boom, the cookies taste the same. There’s not a recipe. It is not black and white and is not clear. Different guys brings different things to
the table. Conor McGregor’s last outing was a loss,
just by example. It was like it never happened. You know, I’m using Conor’s name because
it’s a big name and you guys will recognize it, but I could go ahead and use Eryk Anders. Eryk Anders was the fighter of the week, for
me, and he did it in defeat. In defeat, he was the best performance of
the week, and I do not say this to be a condescending jerk: I don’t know who beat him. I watched the fight. I could not produce that gentleman’s name
for you right now. He was a new face for me, he’s tougher than
hell, and I promise you I am not doing that, “I don’t even know who he is.” I hate when people do that. I think his name was Thiago Santos, to prove
my point. Nick, is that right? Okay, his name was Thiago Santos. Alright, I guess I do know his name. My point to you is not to slight Thiago Santos
in the slightest. My point to you is that Eryk Anders fought
so well and with so much heart that the conversations that I have been in since that fight happened
were all about Eryk Anders. They weren’t about Santos. I watched the post fight show. Dominick Cruz, who is known for being a bit
cynical I might add, Dominick Cruz goes, “Hey guys, there is nothing that anybody on the
roster saw from Eryk Anders tonight where they’re going to raise their hand and go,
‘Hey, let me fight that guy next.’” Tremendous compliment. I have to give him the same one, though. He was not the best-looking fighter I’ve ever
seen. He did not have the most skill. Boy, was he tough. Boy, could he take a shot. Boy, would he come forward. Boy, would he give them back. And he’d mix it up: He’d know when to go for
the takedown and he’d know when to go for the left and when to go for the right. He was dog tough. He tried to get up in between rounds. He tried to get up in between rounds again. He tried to get up a third time before they
finally stepped in and said, “Okay, we’re all done here.” The point I’m offering to you, not only to
say something nice about a guy who deserves something nice said about him, but many times
you will gain more in defeat than you do in victory and we saw that happen with Conor
versus Floyd. And you may have short-term memories, but
to remind you, Conor lost that fight. To remind you, Khabib will be his next fight. To remind you, the predictions for this fight
will be that it’s the biggest in history, even bigger than Conor’s own fights who
currently hold the records. He’s going in to outdo his own records, according
to the projections, and he’s coming off of a defeat. There is an art to doing that. I don’t offer to you that Conor is some
brilliant guy who understands this art. I think a lot of it is very unintentional,
but it happens all the same. A wise person would study and they would not
just sit back and go, “Oh wow, that was really great. He’s a huge star,” they will stop and go,
“Why? Why was he so effective? Why was the change in his tone, why was his
refusal to answer Khabib’s question, why was making it country against country, making
it political, making it personal, going after managers—why was he doing these things? What was the cause and effect, and how did
it make you feel?” You have to be able to break these things
down. You have to look at the number that four million
people viewed a press conference that had absolutely no chance of a fight breaking out
when the fight is only projected to have half as many people tune in and watch it. Why? Why if we’re fight fans and we love fighting
can we do double the numbers for a press conference? There was an international fight week a year
ago. If I’m wrong, it was two. The way time flies I can never keep track. And they had a world tour press conference,
which didn’t mean that they covered the world – it means they brought fighters in from
everywhere. They brought them out to Vegas. They set up a huge stage. It wasn’t just two guys like we saw with Conor
and Khabib. It wasn’t four, six guys like we’ll see
for some big pay-per-view. They must have had 20 athletes up there on
the—they had rows of athletes. Rows of—they were covering every card you
could think of. They were covering an international fight. They were six months ahead. They were covering cards. They flew in this very lovely gal from Brazil. She was all dressed up. She had her skirt on and her dress on and
her hair on and her makeup on and they asked her one question. It was a charity question. Some media reporter felt bad for her because
she was picked last in kickball on recess in fourth grade and decides to lob her one
down the middle so that she can speak since they had flown her in from a different country,
and she grabs the microphone and she says, “I don’t like to talk. I just want to do the fight.” And she puts the microphone down and I swear
to you on everything I believe and I would give you her name right now if I had the foggiest
idea, she was never featured in a feature match again, she was never invited to another
press conference. But she sat up like the cat that ate the canary
that had this great answer—after flying in from Brazil—of saying, “I’ve showed
up to a press conference where all I am allowed to do is speak and I showed up with nothing
to say other than ‘I don’t want to say anything.’” Fair enough, young lady, fair enough. Main events and co-main events come with built-in
media opportunities. You cannot do one without the other. If you are put in that spot and you attempt
to do one without the other, you will not be asked to come back to do one without the
other. Like Vince McMahon famously said, “The only
thing I give anybody is an opportunity. What you do with it is up to you.” Guys, thank you for listening. I’ve had it with you all, but I will be back
on Friday. Until then, I’m Chael Sonnen and you are welcome.


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