zenon in Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical industry is highly
regulated, this places a high demand on the
equipments and processes involved. The validation effort increases
with the risk of product and also the complexity of the equipment. zenon overcomes by being a
configurable product beeing a category 4 software in the GAMP guidelines
Means you reduce the validation effort. We have VBA and .NET
capabilities in our software but you don’t need to program in order to produce
MES SCADA or HMI applications. Risk of the product is overcome by a 100% redundance possibility in our systems. Therefore you have no loss of control and no loss of of data in your system. Over twenty years in the automation
industry has given us a wealth of experience and we transfer this experience into our
technology. COPA-DATA on beeing independent, independent from hardware manufacturer and independent from software manufacturer. This requires a high degree of integral functionality in our products, we have integral user administration for
security and authorization and integral audit trail, alarm management,
recipe management with reporting capabilities. Independence from hardware
manufacturers means that we can communicate natively to a whole range of PLCs, we have over 300 native drivers for different PLC manufactures. We have native drivers for to communicate with SAP, ERP level, MES level and we are also member of the OPC foundation so we can communicate directly from
your ERP system right down to the device level in your PLC. This gives us a high degree of
communication across your process automation system. We’re also independent of platform we can create the same project on a CE device or Windows Mobile and have the same project on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP all the way up to a windows server
with a webserver if you need that. We’re also version independent
so not all the software in your systems needs to be on the same version to
be running, this gives you the advantage that for validated excisting infrastructure you can have a new piece of equipment, the information is communicating using different versions so it doesn’t affect your validated equipment.
Your design effort an validation effort is limited to the new piece of equipment. The pharmaceutical industry is going
through quite a significant change with the evidence of more and more generic
products being produced due to the expiry of patents, the industry is becoming far more competitive We need far more innovation and high productivity
through the process automation systems. The industry is by history a
paper-based system due to Part 11 from the
FDA initiative that brought a lot of automation into the industry. But is still very much based on a
paper-based system, so we have a lot of opportunities to bring more and more
automation capabilities into the process automation systems. If we take OEE for example, the calculation is very very simple but
you need information from various sources. With our communication platform we can obtain that information, zenon has a a high degree of mass
capabilities so you can process that information and with our visualization and analysis techniques we can push that information to the user and in a way that is optimised to their workflow. This is a SCADA application for a bulk API facility zenon’s capability to create a
communication platform uses native hardware drivers to connect to equipment.
Our vertical integration connecting high-level systems such as SAP and SQL. The communication capabilities in zenon enable a collaborative environment, where all data is available
for one system, ensuring data integrity, real-time access with only one system to
train personnel and only one system to maintain. Integral functionalities in each
installation in zenon allow full systems to be implemented with user
administration, audit trail, alarm management, recipe management and archiving to fulfill your operational needs. Analysis and reporting tools review you
processes with full redundant operation from
stand-alone systems to large integrated processes. The same application can be used for SCADA, MES and HMI functionalities, this means one application for all automation levels with only one library of symbols and functions. zenon is ready for FDA part 11 projects and completes requirements for electronic records and signatures. Here we are changing a reactor setpoint.
The audit trail displays: who, what, where,when, and why information. zenon is a configurable system and no
programm code is needed to produce automation solutions. Being a GAMP category 4 application significantly reduces the validation effort. VBA and .NET capabilities are of
course available for extended customization. zenon’s visualization tools and mass capabilities process and display information in an optimized format to a specific
operators function. With the communication possibility of zenon OEE is a simple implementation both with archive data and in real-time
across SCADA, MES and HMI layers. Integral functionality announces
equipment visibility allows the multiple views of the same data to reconstruct events or visualize
process states in real time. The GANTT diagram shows the equipment state audit trail and alarm management display
information along the same time line. Internal reporting tools review your
process and create specific reports to your needs. Batch reports review by exception
equipment usage etc. Insuring data integrity of the GMP and non-GMP environments. zenon is a fully integrated and is 100 percent redundant to communicate and create automation
solutions in the highly regulated environment, giving greater opportunities
for innovation and productivity. For more information please visit our
website www.copadata.com/pharmaceutical and subscribe to our newsletter our you can keep ahead of industry developments.

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